ASU is the first Liberal Arts University in India. The Liberal Arts Programme at ASU is unique, based on Ivy League models. It looks at knowledge in a way that is holistic and global rather than narrow and overly scholastic.

ASU follows a trans-disciplinary approach. Its distinct structure enables a student, irrespective of her/his degree/disciplinary orientation, to pursue her/his interests in other knowledge areas and skill domains without compromising her/his core degree/discipline. The objective through its Liberal Arts courses is to provide a broad spectrum of which are individual as well as knowledge and skills.

ASU helps students to acquire knowledge of human cultures, the physical and natural world and skills such as critical thinking, critical reading, logic, numeracy, effective communication in all modes, etc., so that they can make sense of the real world and take informed decisions in order to achieve success in their careers and lives.

ASU aims to accomplish this through its Liberal Arts courses, which are individual as well as team-taught, like ‘Cinema & Politics: Reality in Reels, ‘ABC of Calligraphy’, ‘Molecules to Environment ‘Women/Men/Other: What is Gender Anyway?’, ‘Food and Fitness: Lifestyle & Culture’.

These courses are offered in categories such as Culture & Civilisation, Philosophy and Reasoning, Statistics & Probability, and Expressions, among others.

Dr. Joel M.Rodney
Dean Academics