Apeejay Stya University launched the Svran Open Design Foundation (SODF) at the 13th CII Design Summit 2013 in the presence of the best Indian and international design thinkers, practitioners & supporters, as well as industry leaders. SODF plans to provide 10,000 students with a Design Tools Pack that has basic design tools and tutorials to get them access to industry standard materials. It plans to train 1,000 school teachers in basic design principles indirectly impacting about 200,000 students.

The Foundation has also appealed to Indian organisations to join its cause, so as to greatly amplify its impact. Organisations could contribute by way of time of their employees to hold workshops for students in schools and colleges, monetary contribution towards specific projects, or through donations in kind such as computers and DVDs.

The Foundation believes that everyone is a Designer, and that everything and anything can be designed! It believes that design thinking and design principles can fundamentally help us shape our world and that everyone should have free access to the knowledge and tools of Design.

Over 100 schools across 17 states and leading organisations across different industries with almost 50,000 employees have already become members of this revolutionary initiative even before the formal launch. Mr. Aditya Berlia, Pro-Chancellor, Apeejay Stya University, is the Founder of SODF.

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