The School of Behavioural Sciences is one of the schools under the Centre for Liberal Arts at ASU.

It was established in Apeejay Stya University in October 2021 and has a Counselling Centre functioning under it, catering to students, staff, faculty, schools of Apeejay and other institutions. The school organises many activities including counselling services, special courses for counsellors and teachers of Apeejay schools. Special lectures on emotional regulation, suicidaltendencies, prevention of mental illness, important international day celebrations like International Women's Day, World Mental Health Day etc. Workshops and conferences both national and international are hosted by the School of Behavioural Sciences.

Behavioural Science is an interdisciplinary programme which consists of three major disciplines, viz., Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology. All these three disciplines are concerned with human behaviour and offer a complementary view of humans (people) and to understand, and predict human behaviour. Thus behavioural science is the study of human behaviour and their interaction with people around them.

Behavioural science explores the cognitive processes especially decision-making and communication through systematic analysis of human behaviour. It deals with human actions, and the term suggests more of an experimental approach. The School of Behavioural Sciences offers courses in Psychology, Criminal Justice, Social work, and Sociology. These courses individually (majoring in any of these courses), give students an awareness of the complexities of the social environment including human behaviour, current social issues, human development, learning, etc.

The programmes at the School are structured to equip aspiring candidates to become professionally trained to work as psychologists in hospitals, clinics, schools and educational institutions, non- governmental organisations, courts, jails, police organisations, etc., in addition, to being self-employed and offer services to the community and society.


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Advisory Board

Prof. Minati Panda
Professor Psychology of Education,

Prof. Debal K Singh Roy
Professor of Sociology,

Dr. M.S.Rao
Former Director
Govt. of India, New Delhi

Prof. Dr. Shridhar Sharma
Former Director
General Health services
Govt. of India, New Delhi

Prof. Sam Manickam
Clinical Psychology, Mysore University

Prof. N. V. Varghese
NIEPA, New Delhi

Programmes Offered

Programme Features

The School of Behavioural Sciences aspires to be a leader in Behavioural sciences and be at the cutting edge of scientific research, development of and teaching behavioural sciences in totality, and focusing on Masters in Psychology. The School holds a vision to obtain national and international recognition as a research, teaching and training-oriented school with Liberal Arts approach in both teaching and research. In other words, this course will develop critical thinking in students, and adopts multi-disciplinary approach in teaching, training and research undertaken by students.

The School of Behavioural sciences will be offering courses in psychology and is committed to delivering high-quality postgraduate as well as Ph.D programmes in Psychology. It holds that research and teaching are complementary and hence the department should focus on evidence-based scientific knowledge in the field of psychology.