Apeejay Stya University Sohna, Gurugram

India's 1st Industry-Centric Technology & Liberal Arts University focused on Research & InnovationTM
UGC Recognised | 12 (B) Status from UGC A grade Accredited by NAAC

Apeejay Stya University
Sohna, Gurugram

India's 1st Industry-Centric Technology & Liberal Arts University
focused on Research & InnovationTM
UGC Recognised | 12 (B) Status from UGC
A grade Accredited by NAAC

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Bachelor of Computer Applications

Bachelor of Computer Applications
BCA with Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
BCA with IoT and Cyber Security Including Block Chain Technology
At Apeejay Stya University, we offer a comprehensive Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) programme aimed at providing students with a strong foundation in computer science and its applications. This three-year undergraduate course encompasses a diverse range of subjects, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving field of technology.

In addition to the standard BCA programme, we also provide specialised tracks catering to the dynamic domains of the tech industry. One such specialisation offered is BCA with a focus on Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. This specialised track delves deeper into the realms of AI and data science, covering topics such as machine learning, data analytics, neural networks and more. Students pursuing this specialisation gain insights into cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of computing.

Furthermore, our university offers BCA with specialisation in Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Security, Including Blockchain Technology. This specialised programme explores the interconnected world of IoT, cybersecurity and Blockchain, preparing students to navigate the complexities of securing interconnected devices and networks. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, students acquire expertise in safeguarding digital assets and understanding the transformative potential of Blockchain technology in securing transactions.

Both specialised tracks within the BCA programme are designed to offer a blend of theoretical understanding and hands-on experience, enabling students to adapt to the demands of the tech industry and emerge as proficient professionals capable of tackling real-world challenges. The courses are taught by experienced faculty members and are structured to provide a holistic learning environment, encouraging innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students.

Join us at Apeejay Stya University to embark on a transformative educational journey that combines traditional computer applications with the latest advancements in technology, empowering students to become future-ready leaders in the field of computing.


Eligibility and Duration

UG Programmes Duration Eligibility
BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) 3 years Passed in Class 12 or 10+2 of CBSE or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate
BCA with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence  & Data Science 3 years Passed in Class 12 or 10+2 of CBSE or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate
BCA with specialisation in Internet of Things and Cyber Security Including Block Chain Technology 3 years Passed in Class 12 or 10+2 of CBSE or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate

Fee Structure for Academic Session 2024-2025

Actual Fee Rs 1,25,200
Fee After Early Bird Scholarship Rs 1,00,000

*The Above Fee Structure with Early Bird Scholarship is only applicable for first 500 applications for the academic session 2024-25.

Fee Other than Academic Fee

Registration Fee Rs 2000 for each semester
Caution Money Rs 5000 (Refundable) is payable once at time of admission.

Course Outline

The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) program specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science (DS), Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security, and Blockchain is designed as a comprehensive 3-year degree that incorporates core foundational courses in computer applications alongside specialized tracks in AI, DS, IoT, Cyber Security, and Blockchain technologies. This curriculum integrates multi-disciplinary subjects, value-added learning experiences, skill enhancement modules, and industry-oriented training aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP). Emphasizing hands-on learning, the program offers extensive industrial training and internships, providing students with practical exposure and real-world application, ensuring they graduate equipped with in-depth expertise and a holistic skill set to excel in the dynamic landscape of modern technology and computing.

Semester Course Code Title of the Paper Credits Multidisciplinary, Skill Enhancement (SEC), and Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC) Credits Total Credits
I DSC1 4 Minor-1 4 23
DSC2 4 MLD1 3
SEC-1 3
AEC-1 2
VAC-1 3
II DSC3 4 Minor-2 4 20
MLD2 3
SEC-2 3
AEC-2 2
VAC-2 3
NCC/NSS/ Community Service 1
Note UG 1st year: Students will be awarded UG Certificate in Computer Application after securing 40 credits, provided, they secure 4 credits in vocational courses offered during the summer term/internship in addition to 6 credits from skill-based courses offered during the first year
III DSC4 4 Minor-3 4 20
DSC5 4 MLD-3 3
AEC-3 2
SEC-3 3
IV DSC6 4 Minor-4 4 22
DSC7 4 Minor-5 4
DSC8 4 AEC-4 2
Note UG 2nd year: Students will be awarded Diploma in Computer Application provided,  they secure an additional 4 courses in skill-based courses offered during the first year or second year summer term.
V DSC9 4 Elective -01 (DSC-15) 4 22
DSC10 4 Minor-6 4
DSC11 4 Internship 2
VI DSC12 4 Minor-7 4 24
DSC13 4 Elective -02 (DSC-16) 4
DSC14 4 Elective -03 (DSC-17) 4
Note: Students will be awarded bachelor’s degree in Computer Application to securing 120 credits.
Course Credits Title of the Paper
DSC1 4 Fundamentals of Computer
DSC2 4 Data Base Management System
DSC3 4 Data Structure unsing C
DSC4 4 Operating System
DSC5 4 Software Engineering
DSC6 4 Computer Network
DSC7 4 Analysis Design and Algorithm
DSC8 4 Cloud Computing
DSC9 4 Data Science
DSC10 4 Advance Java
DSC11 4 Big Data Management
DSC12 4 Artificial Intelligence
DSC13 4 Advance Web Technology
DSC14 4 Business Analytics
Elective-01 ( DSC 15) 4 Blockchain Fundamentals
Cyber Security
Elective-02 (DSC 16) Machine Learning & Data Science
Introduction to IOT and Block chain
Elective-03 ( DSC 17) Image Processing and Computer Vision
Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Semester Credits Title of the Paper
I 4 Programming Language
II 4 Advanced Programming Language
III 4 Machine Learning
IV 4 Fundamental of Data Science
IV 4 Advanced Machine Learning
V 4 Computer Vision or Natural Language Processing
VI 4 Programming for Machine Learning (py Torch/ Tensor Flow)
VII 4 Deep Learning
Internet of Things and Cyber Security Including Block Chain Technology
Semester Credits Title of the Paper
I 4 Programming Language
II 4 Advanced Programming Language
III 4 Fundamentals of CyberSecurity Blockchain
IV 4 Introduction to IOT
IV 4 Blockchain Security and Performance
V 4 Cryptography and Secure Communications
VI 4 Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing:
VII 4 Cybercrime Investigation and Forensics

Training & Placements

Training and Placements at well known Tech industries of repute. Specialization in cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence In collaboration with Oracle

Student Speaks

Meenakshi Sharma
B.Ed, 2017-19

At the School of Education, ASU, the curriculum is really impressive. Teachers are very well-informed and act as
mentors to help us succeed in the teaching profession.

Gunjan Verma
B.Ed, 2017-19

I completed my two-year B.Ed programme from Apeejay Stya University in June 2019. The University provided
me with an enriching curriculum, full of resource materials, field-based practices and experiential learning. A
plethora of club and cultural activities also provided an intellectually stimulating environment.

Ms. Madhu
B.Ed, 2021-23

Apeejay Stya University provides an excellent interactive learning experience to students. During my first year of
B.Ed, I could publish an article in a Book under the guided mentorship of its faculty. The university provides school
contact and internship opportunities in good schools. I received best teaching inputs from subject teachers as well
as ICT-based learning materials to support my learning.”

Priyanka Patel
B.Sc. B.Ed (2020-2024)

had completed my four year integrated B.Sc. B.Ed from Apeejay Stya University and find that its enriched
curricula, pedagogy and teaching internship helped me in beingjob ready. I am happy with a promising future with
a guided path to walk forward with confidence and pride.

Muskan Gandas
B.A. B.Ed (2020-2024)

As an ex-student of B.A. B.Ed, I felt that my university not only provided me a conducive study environment in
a green campus free from environment and noise pollution, but also an academically enriched curriculum and
learner-centred pedagogy under able teachers and mentors. I did enjoy my studies and life in the university with
great satisfaction and pride.

Nikita Yadav
PG Diploma in Clinical Psychology

I have done my master in Clinical Psychology from another university. I saw that many universities teach only theories not the skills/techniques. But when I joined this course then I came to know the practical side of psychology. The skills and techniques I have learned in just 1 year of P.G. Diploma is far more than a 2 year masters course. This course has helped me a lot because through this course I am able to understand how psychology is being used in our daily lives. I am grateful to the teachers who have given me handholding support not only in my academic journey but also helped be in my personal growth.

Prachi Singhal
M.Sc. Applied Psychology

I prachi singhal being a part of ASU’s M.Sc. Applied Psychology program.

SOBS fosters a holistic learning environment where theory meets practice. Our coursework combines classroom learning with practical exposure, allowing us to apply psychological principles in real-world scenarios. The faculty members are not only highly qualified but also passionate about their subjects. Their expertise in clinical psychology, research, and therapeutic techniques is invaluable. During our master’s program, we engage in clinical internships and field placements. These opportunities allow us to work in hospitals, counselling centres, and rehabilitation facilities. It’s here that we apply theoretical knowledge to real cases, honing our clinical skills. ASU’s liberal arts approach extends beyond psychology. We
collaborate with students from other disciplines, attend interdisciplinary seminars, and explore connections between psychology, sociology, and anthropology. This broadens our perspective and prepares us for diverse career paths.

In conclusion, my time as a clinical psychology master’s student at ASU has been transformative. I am confident that the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained here will empower me to make a meaningful impact in the field of mental health.

Mr. Sham Sunder Bali
Independent Management Consultant

I am working as an Independent Management Consultant and as CEO of a Japanese Company, I am extremely happy being a student of School of Behavioural Sciences at Apeejay at this age and thank school for instilling in me the practical experience and theocratical knowledge to practice the Counselling techniques. I am sure it will give me the wherewithal to be a very successful Therapist. The intensive training by the faculty includes apart from theory demo sessions, role plays, art based therapy, mindfulness practice to name a few. I would also like to mention that University has excellent sports facilities and hostels where excellent food is served.

The time I spent in the School of Behavioural Sciences and learning associated practical training in therapeutic techniques, arranged by the University and School in associated rehabilitation centres, has given me an immense experience in group counselling therapy, individual therapy and I was able to practice techniques like CBT, Gestalt therapy etc. School also gave lots of encouragement and guidance to me to experiment, research and try different techniques and ingenious solutions to the mental disorders and rehabilitation of substance use/abuse clients.

I want to wish well the School Faculty, VC, Management for maintaining the highest standards in Education.

Dr. Juhi Goyal
PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology

Studying PG diploma in counselling psychology has enriched my homeopathic career by providing insights into the human mind and behavior. Understanding psychological factors influencing health allows for more holistic treatment approaches, enhancing patient care. I’ve likely learned valuable skills in communication, empathy, and patient rapport, improving your ability to connect with and support your clients. Despite the demands of my professional life, I’ve have been able to peruse this course for my personal growth and education. The comfort I found in pursuing this course alongside my job has taught me resilience and adaptability. Overall, integrating this  into my homeopathic practice has not only expanded my knowledge base but also deepened my effectiveness as a healthcare provider.

Varchasa Shandilya

ASU provided me the ideal platform to grow and excel in life. I got placed in one of the top private sector banks of India. I feel lucky to be a part of such an encouraging environment.

Worchui Mungvah
Master of Journalism & Mass Communication

I come from the North-Eastern state of India, Manipur. But, I must say that I felt at home throughout my stay at ASU during my first year while doing MJMC with SJMC. I’m so pleased that they have arranged my internship in Imphal at my request as I must spend some time with my family.

Iflah Imtiyaz
B. Design-interior

My experience at Apeejay Stya University has been amazing. Apeejay stya University is one of best university which always promote the research in multidisciplinary areas as well as encouraging for technology development. Apeejay stya University has excellent joint research collaboration with number of reputed institutions and our faculty are continuously engaged in research with them.

Megha Dass Saini

Thanks to CRC at ASU for helping me get selected for multiple projects during my summer internship. These included my brief stints with Inoviea Ventures, Motilal Oswal & OYO Rooms as a Marketing Research Analyst, Equity Research Analyst & Online Marketing Intern respectively.

Sample Profile Image
Megha Dass, IT Consultant, Daffodil Software Ltd.
MBA (2015-17 batch) – School of Management Sciences

The dual specialisation gave me more domain knowledge and this helped me gain an entry into the IT sector.

Rosy Hashmi, Finance Executive, Iris Worldwide
B.Com. (2014-17 batch) – School of Management Sciences

The industry-aligned Accounting and Finance syllabus along with Liberal Arts, enabled me to get a good job.

Sample Profile Image
Abhishek Sharma, HR Executive, Wipro Infotech
BBA (2010-14 batch) – School of Management Sciences

The summer internship, industry-centric assignments, guest lectures and other industry interface enabled me to pursue a career in HR.

Varchasa Shandilya, Cluster Lead, Accenture
MBA (2013-15 batch) – School of Management Sciences

The faculty was almost like family and the considerable amount of time invested by them, bought out the best in me.

Sample Profile Image
Rupa Barua
Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication (2015-2018) Manipur

Apart from the lush green campus, studying in Apeejay Stya University (ASU) gave me a lead with a lifelong career excellence. The hands-on nature of the programmes makes learning very accessible and I particularly enjoyed the small class sizes.

Therese Ntamvutsa
B.Pharmacy (2015-19) Country- Rwanda

I like the interaction between faculty members and students here. Faculty members are really supportive. We have got industry exposure because of industrial visits that we’ve done so far and we have also attended different conferences . The University has updated books and labs for my course, which I’m really happy about.

Yukti Kasera
M.A. in Design (2016-2018) Guwahati

I found the course very useful and fulfilling. The faculty is really helpful and friendly which helped a lot in academics as well as personality enhancement. The ambience is sociable and the endeavors shall be cherished throughout my life.

Razeenah Kurreeman
BA Hons Journalism and Mass Communication (4th Year) Country- Mauritius

Throughout my stay here, I’ve had a wonderful experience. The University has great infrastructure: a well-equipped studio, video editing room, language room and Internet Radio. The focus is more on practical exposure and less on theoretical classroom learning. Liberal Arts approach has allowed me to expand boundaries and take up courses from other departments, making learning more customized rather than traditional. Visits to the studios, news paper agencies and workshops conducted by media experts helps in enhancing industrial knowledge.

Aayushma Karmacharya
B Pharmacy (4th Year) Country- Nepal

The University has given me lots of exposure in terms of field exposure, industrial exposure, etc. It helps to bridge the gap between school atmosphere and Industry. We have proper updated laboratories for our course and we have all the privileges to use it any time. All in all, I’m very happy here and I really appreciate my faculty members for their great efforts for us.

Mridu Chawla

ASU is India’s first Liberal Arts and Meta University. I am not saying this just to brag about my university but because I am taking full advantage of this fact. I am a student of School of Legal Studies which impliedly shows my interest in Law, but I was equally passionate about Journalism and Mass Communication. ASU gave me this golden chance to pursue a minor in Journalism along with my major degree in Law. The Liberal Arts and Meta concept fulfilled my unorthodox desire of pursuing Journalism with Law. It is excellence superimposed.

Yagyesh Kapoor

Knowing how to study is more important than knowing what to study and that is what Apeejay Stya University (ASU) has taught me. The well structured notes, one-to-one doubt solving sessions, guest lectures and most importantly, the positivity & zeal that the faculty instills encourages one to perform consistently well. I highly recommended ASU to all Pharmacy aspirants

Radami War (AIR-18501)
GPAT Qualifier, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

First of all, I would like to thank all my faculty members of Apeejay Stya University as it is because of them that I have achieved success. They used to make every effort to present the study material in a very precise manner, covering the most important topic of the GPAT syllabus. The Q & A session encouraged us to study throughout the year.

Muskaan Goyal (AIR-1102)
GPAT Qualifier, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

SU has instilled the right spirit and confidence in me. I owe my good score to the teaching and encouragement given by our faculty. The extra classes for GPAT have been of immense help in preparing for the exam.

Abhishek Kumar Rai (AIR-1142)
GPAT Qualifier, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The main reason why I joined Apeejay Stya University was the well-equipped laboratories and highly qualified faculty. The doubt solving sessions and in-depth explanations of basic as well as applied concepts helped me to reach my goals. Throughout my journey, I found myself blessed daily with new learning and mentoring by our mentors

Dibakar Mandal (AIR-431)
GPAT Qualifier, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

One of the greatest gifts I have given to myself is joining Apeejay Stya University. With the interactive & student-oriented classroom sessions and all the extra classes for the GPAT exam, I was sure that it wouldn’t be too difficult to perform well in GPAT. Our well-known and learned faculty members take personal interest in ensuring each student success.

Pawan Kumar (AIR-243)
GPAT Qualifier, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The study environment in the classes provided the much required impetus to study harder. The interactive classes and motivation from teachers indeed helped me to succeed in GPAT. The faculty members managed to cover all the important aspects and made the process of learning much easier and interesting.

Rohit Kumar (AIR-83)
GPAT Qualifier, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. I am glad that I chose Apeejay Stya University (ASU) as the stairs of my journey. The concept based teaching, class tests and the practical approach to teach theoretical concepts are the specialties of ASU. The query solving sessions helped me to test my level of preparation and thus, boosted my confidence.


ASU has helped me to discover my true potential and has given me unique opportunities which have helped me to prepare for the various challenges of life.

Pallab Chowdhury
B.Tech - Mechanical & Product Design

My summer internship at Educomp Solutions Ltd. proved to be a fruitful experience as I got the opportunity to learn from brilliant minds. I was assigned the task of designing products in software.

Pratibha Singh
B.Tech - Computer Science

It’s been a great experience having pursued my summer internship with Advantage Club (formerly Work Advantage Pvt. Ltd.). My profile was HR, Operations and Customer Engagement including working on marketing strategies. It was a great learning experience.

Gaurav Chauhan
B.Tech - Computer Science

Internship at Koyo Electronics has been really helpful and an eye opening experience. It is an Indian subsidiary of a Japanese company wherein I worked on the development of android applications.”

Raswati Pant
BTech BioTechnology (2nd Year) Country- Nepal

The best part of the University is my department. The course in biotechnology also has an option of a 5 years integrated programme which is not there in many universities. The symposiums are all hosted and handled by students and faculty members, encouraging maximum students participation for exposure.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Anurag Barthwal
Assistant Professor
Dr. Shatakshi Srivastava
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Dr. Sonam Raheja
Associate Professor
Dr. Parikshit Vasisht
Controller of Examinations and Professor
Dr. Manpreet Singh Sehgal
Associate Professor
Dr. Sudhakar Ranjan
Prof. Moinuddin
Distinguished Professor
Dr. Amit Kumar Goel