Gurugram, April 01, 2024 Apeejay Stya University showcased its vibrant cultural prowess at the AIU 37th Inter- University National Youth Festival, held at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, from March 28th to April 1st, 2024. With over 120 participating universities from across the nation, the event provided a platform for talented youth to exhibit their skills in various domains.

ASU participated in a total of 10 items encompassing music, dance and fine arts, alongside a cultural procession. The university's dedication and proficiency were evident as it clinched victories in 9 out of the 10 items it participated in. ASU secured an impressive tally of medals, with 4 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze awards, showcasing the depth of talent and preparation among its students.

In addition to its remarkable performance in individual categories, ASU's cultural procession team also made a significant impact, securing the 5th position. This accomplishment underscores ASU's commitment to preserving and celebrating cultural heritage while showcasing creativity and innovation.

The success achieved by ASU at the AIU National Youth Festival reflects the university's holistic approach to education, emphasising not only academic excellence but also the development of well-rounded individuals with a passion for the arts and culture. It is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and talent of both the students and faculty involved.

Participation in such prestigious events not only fosters healthy competition but also provides invaluable opportunities for students to hone their skills, build confidence, and forge lifelong connections with peers from diverse backgrounds. ASU's exemplary performance not only brings pride to the institution but also serves as inspiration for aspiring artists and performers nationwide.

The Chancellor of ASU, Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia, along with Pro-Chancellor Dr. Neha Berlia, extended heartfelt congratulations to the students for their outstanding performance and remarkable achievements. They also commended Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Vir Singh for his leadership and acknowledged the significant contributions of Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Sucharita and the dedicated faculty members who guided the students to success, bringing honor to the University.

On Gurugram, March 08, 2024The International Women's Day Celebration held on March 8th, 2024, at Apeejay Stya University was a vibrant and inspiring event that brought together the university community to honor and celebrate the achievements and contributions of women worldwide. Dr. Sonam Raheja, in her welcome address, set the tone for the program, emphasizing the importance of gender equality and empowerment.

The ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolizing enlightenment and knowledge, was conducted by esteemed faculty members, including Prof. Chetan Choudhary (Registrar), Prof. Vimala Veeraraghvan, Prof. Sanjay Ahirwal, and Prof. Amit Goel, alongside the chief guests.

Dr. Shatakshi Srivastava introduced the chief guest & guests of honor, Prof. Moinuddin, Emeritus Professor of the School of Engineering & Technology, and Prof. Anupama Diwan, Dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Prof. Moinuddin delivered an insightful inaugural address, highlighting the importance of women's empowerment and the need for continued efforts towards gender equality. This was followed by an equally inspiring speech by Prof. Anupama Diwan, who shared her perspectives on the role of women in academia and society.

The event featured several engaging activities, including an elocution competition where participants eloquently expressed their views on various women-centric themes. Additionally, students performed a thought-provoking skit on women's empowerment, captivating the audience with their talent and creativity. A fashion show curated by Ms. Megha Shisodia showcased the artistic prowess of the students, with innovative designs reflecting the spirit of womanhood.

The highlight of the event was the distribution of prizes, where participants in the elocution competition and the photo booth showcase competition were recognized for their outstanding performances. Archita Ranjan, Komal Kasana, Raunak Jha, Charu Bansal, Astha, Anshika, and others received accolades for their remarkable contributions.

The program concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Minaxi from SJMC, expressing gratitude to all participants, organizers, and attendees for their valuable contributions. As the national anthem resonated through the auditorium, it symbolized the unity and collective resolve towards promoting gender equality and empowering women in all spheres of life.

On Gurugram, March 1, 2024: The School of Engineering & Technology hosted a cultural event titled "Cultural Mosaic." Various cultural activities such as poster making, Rangoli, dance, and dumb charades were organized, attracting participation from over 20 students.

The objective of Cultural Mosaic, organized by the School of Engineering & Technology, was to foster a sense of cultural appreciation and diversity among the student body. By providing a platform for students to showcase their talents in various cultural activities such as poster making, Rangoli, dance, and dumb charades, the event aimed to promote creativity, teamwork, and mutual respect.

The outcome of Cultural Mosaic was a vibrant display of student talent and cultural expression, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity within the school community. Through participation in these activities, students gained valuable experiences in collaboration and cultural understanding.

Gurugram, February 27, 2024: The School of Engineering and Technology organised a webinar on Red Hat OpenShift, RHA Program - Courses, Certs, and Career Opportunities, featuring Mr Chetan Tiwary as the speaker. Drawing an audience of 111 students from various universities in the National Capital Region (NCR) including Apeejay Stya University, Mr Tiwary delivered an illuminating session. He delved into the intricacies of RedHat Openshift, elucidating its courses, certifications and the promising career avenues it presents. His expertise captivated attendees, equipping them with valuable insights into the program's significance in the IT sector and empowering them to pursue rewarding opportunities in the field.

Gurugram, February 20, 2024: A Field Visit was organized for D.pharm 1st year ( 23 Students ) and were taken to the Aravalli Biodiversity Park on 20th Feb 2024.

Introduction about Aravalli Biodiversity Park

The Aravalli Biodiversity Park (ABP) is being developed on 699 acres of land located at northwest of Vasant Vihar. The other objective of ABP is to promote of nature education among students and create environment awareness among the public.

Medicinal Garden

The medicinal plant conservatory is also used to promote conservation, education and awareness on the importance of plants in health care system.

The Park has more than 240 plant species of medicinal importance. Some notable species are Asthama bel, Brahmi, Gugal, Dardpaat, Rudraksh, Hadjod, Van tulsi, Rakt madar, Nirgundi etc.

Conservatory of Orchids

A small mined pit has been converted into Orchidarium by growing shade trees and climbers. Some important orchids grown in the conservatory are Thunia alba, Vanda cristata, Aerides multiflora, Acampe praemorsa, and Coelogyne cristata.

Conservatory of Ferns

Small mining pits have been developed into fernery on the similar pattern as that of Orchidarium, for the conservation of ferns such as Pteris pellucida, Polystichum sp., Actiniopteris radiata, Marsilea minuta, Pterydium esculentum etc.

Conservatory of Butterflies

The conservatory has more than 100 species of butterflies and moths. The notable species are Red pierrot, Pansies, Tigers, Grass jewel, Migrants, Common rose, Spot swordtail, Blues, Tiger moths, Skippers, Swifts, etc.Students learnt a lot during this field visit regarding the medicinal plant , wild life sanctuaries, migratory birds , butterflies and the conservation of nature.

Gurugram, February 17, 2024: School of Engineering & Technology organised a visit to the Surajkund International Craft Mela and Urasvati Art & Habitate center, Gurugram for students to experience diverse cultural craftsmanship.The students were enthralled by the vibrant display of traditional art, crafts, and cultural performances from various states of India and around the world.The interactive workshops and demonstrations allowed students to engage with artisans and learn about their traditional techniques. The visit not only provided a platform to appreciate cultural diversity but also fostered a deeper understanding of the rich heritage and craftsmanship of India. Students expressed enthusiasm and appreciation for the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural tapestry of the Surajkund Mela, which left a lasting impression on their minds.

Gurugram, February 15, 2024: It is a proud moment for Apeejay Stya University, Sohna, Gurugram, as it achieved a grand success by securing Second Runners-up Trophy in 37th Inter-University North West Zone Youth Festival, 2024 held at M.D University Rohtak, Haryana. Mrs Sushma Paul Berlia, Chancellor, ASU and Dr Neha Berlia, Pro-Chancellor, ASU congratulated the students for their brilliant performance. They also congratulated the Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Vir Singh and the Pro-Vice- Chancellor Dr Sucharita on this occasion.

More than 20 Universities of North-West Zone participated in this 5-day festival in various literary, performing and visual arts events. ASU participated in 22 events and the team has qualified in 10 events making itself eligible for participating in National Youth Festival. The participants were extremely happy and jubilant over their success.

Gurugram, February 15, 2024: The School of Engineering and Technology organised a career counseling session aimed at guiding students interested in studying abroad. As many as 75 students of the University attended the session. The session was conducted by Mr Niladari Bhattacharya, a renowned career coach with expertise in international education. The main focus of the session was to debunk myths surrounding studying abroad and to provide insights into the admission process. It aimed to provide students with accurate information about studying abroad and to address common misconceptions that often deter students from pursuing educational opportunities overseas.

Gurugram, February 03, 2024: To exchange valuable insights on the Teaching of Law in the contemporary World, Prof. Adnan Irshad and Prof. Ashish Rai, both Asst. Professor at School of Legal Studies (SoLS) represented Apeejay Stya University at Northern Region Law Teachers’ Conclave 2023-24 at NLU, Delhi.

The Conclave was presided over by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Manmohan, Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court. He stressed upon the dire need to develop the standards of Legal Education in Indian Law Schools at par with the changing paradigms of Court Proceedings in today’s world. Hon’ble Ms. Justice Manmeet Arora, Judge, Delhi High Court also delivered a keynote address in the conclave. Further, a series of sessions were addressed by notable legal luminaries on various contemporary legal issues.

Gurugram, January 26, 2024: Apeejay Stya University organised a Tricolour hosting and a cultural event for the 75th Republic Day celebration to convey dignity and respect towards the nation. At ASU, students and teachers enthusiastically took part in hoisting the national flag, followed by the proud chanting of the national anthem. The Vice Chancellor motivated the staff and students to put their dedicated efforts and devotion towards their craft, as it would lead them to the road of excellence. The students displayed their patriotic spirit through their wholehearted participation in the cultural activities.