Gurugram, Oct. 30, 2021 : Apeejay Stya University hosted a webinar on ‘National Unity and the role of the youth’ on October 30 in which students learnt about religious tolerance and steps for the nation’s betterment Rotaract club, Apeejay Stya University, in association with NSS (National Service Scheme), organised a webinar on the theme ‘National unity and the role of the youth’ on October 30. Colonel J A Rocque (retired), Former head and founder of Sainik Schools, presided over the webinar.

Col Rocque began his address to the students by highlighting the purpose of celebrating the National Unity day. He said, “It is celebrated to bring everyone together. There is such a huge diversity in this nation, it is very difficult to bind us together. What binds us all is the national flag. The feeling that our country comes first, that is the way.”

Colonel Rocque highlighted the transition in the nation’s attitude towards the youth. He stated, “The overall mentality has changed towards the youth in almost all aspects, even in politics. The aged are expected to guide and there is an increasing emphasis on the young to take charge and lead”.