New Delhi, January 16, 2013: Prof. Mary Bates Neubauer, Professor – Head of Sculpture, School of Art, Herberger Institute for Design and Arts, Arizona State University, USA, visited Apeejay Institute of Design to share her rich experience and work with the faculty and students.

Having visited the Art Gallery and Sculpture Courtyard where Prof. Mary saw prototypes, sculptures, murals & paintings done by the students, she was quite impressed to see the creative and skillful use of inspirations in contemporary products. She also visited the Library where she saw research documents belonging to different specialisations in detail. She also enjoyed and appreciated the presentation on “Revival & Revitalisation of Dying Art forms of West Bengal & Orissa – Saura & Pattachitra paintings”.

The purpose of Prof. Mary’s visit was to share a presentation on her work on “Sensory and Tactile Models for Holistic Learning”. Having presented her work nationally and internationally, her sculptures and digital images have appeared in 12 solo exhibitions and over 30 group exhibitions in the past five years.

The presentation showed how she had used a variety of statistical data related to environmental changes; behaviour of celestial bodies like Azimuth; altitude of sunspots over a period of 30 days in Phoenix, Arizona; periodicity of occurrences of natural calamities; blood sugar levels of diabetic patients; wind velocity; etc. to create 3-D shapes and images that could be used for better understanding and analysis. The digital images thus made were later converted into metal cast sculptures of humongous sizes in her foundry at the university.

Prof. Mary also shared as to how she executed various ambitious projects for different organisations in USA, in collaboration with other artists. The presentation was followed by a question-answer round between Prof. Mary, students and faculty. It was an interesting and enriching experience for everyone.

Prof. Mary also shared her interest with regards to commencing a mutual knowledge sharing programme for the students from both the institutes in the near future.

Visit of Prof. Mary Bates Neubauer, USA