Gurgaon, October 19, 2013:Radio Editing Production Workshop The School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) of Apeejay Stya University (ASU) organised a day-long 'Radio Editing & Production Workshop' in association with the renowned international organisation, 'One World', in the university campus. The One World network spans across five continents and has been producing radio programmes in 11 different languages, published through its international sites, regional editions, and thematic channels.

Mr. Tej Prakash from One World and Mr. Umesh Chandra Pati, Faculty Editor, along with, Mr. Bhupesh Shrivastav, Studio Executive of SJMC conducted a 'hands-on-job' workshop which was attended by all SJMC students as well as other ASU students and faculty members. A number of international students also attended the Radio Workshop.

Trainers held sessions on how to record and edit on 'Audacity', an open source software system, which was downloaded on the laptops of all participants. In one of the sessions, an episode of the BBC Radio Drama Series, 'Life Gulmohar Style', was also played back to lay stress on the importance of using music and sounds in a radio programme.

Participants were also provided with recorded news bulletins, musical clips and various sounds to create their own programme as a final exercise.