Gurgaon, May 24, 2013: Dr. Rita Kumar, Sr. Scientist, IGIB, Delhi, visited Apeejay Stya University (ASU) and delivered informative lectures on the ‘Development of Bacterial Genetics Based Biosensors for Pollution Detection’ and ‘Application of Micro-Organisms for Purification of Waste Water & Neutralisation of Alkaline Waste-Water’ to the students

, faculty and research staff of the School of Biosciences at ASU. Dr. Rita Kumar works in the area of environmental biotechnology & has expertise in developing different biosensors for pollution detection. She and her group have been instrumental in developing efficient methods for rapid BOD estimation. Several technologies developed by her laboratory are in different stages of commercialisation.

Guest-lecture-at-School-of-Biosciences-1 Guest-lecture-at-School-of-Biosciences-1Guest-lecture-at-School-of-Biosciences-1