Netherlands, June 20, 2012: In a time when discussions on environmental issues are at their peak on almost every important conclave across the globe, the 7th edition of Floriade Dialogue (2009-2012) focused on a very important aspect of sustainability – Improving water efficiency & productivity in food production.

Mrs. Nisha Berlia, Member of the Board of Governors of Apeejay Stya University and Asha Chandola Saklani, Dean, School of Bio-Sciences, Apeejay Stya University represented India in this session and presented the topic – Improvement of water efficiency & productivity in agro and horticulture in India.

Keeping in mind the increase in global food demand and the lessening of the total cultivated land, various issues were touched upon during this session. A case study on how different Apeejay institutions were spreading awareness on water conservation along with implementing some innovative ways of water conservation themselves and also how they had improved the productivity in horticulture at different institutions.

Also, Apeejay presented a case study on the diversity of how indigenous people in the Himalayas used multi-crop technique to have multiple harvesting seasons as opposed to the two harvesting seasons associated with ‘Green Revolution’.

Notably, the Floriade Exhibition takes place once in every 10 years in the Netherlands to celebrate horticulture and floriculture from across the world.