Mumbai, March 2018: A group of students from ASU’s School of Biosciences attended a two-day Student Outreach Program (SOP) on Biotechnology at Mumbai from 28 Feb. – 1 March 2018. The SOP was organised by Chemtech Foundation and Reliance Life Sciences.  Its primary objective was to bridge the gap between the students (Biotechnology) and the industry. It comprises various events that provide an insight to the students about the functioning of the Biotech Industry.

School of Biosciences students also presented their research work on KYMRIAH, a gene therapy for B cell origin leukemia and CD19 directed treatment. The work was well-praised and ranked 4th at the event. The students’ team included Ms Aishwarya Khadanga (8th Sem. IBT), Mr Tintu Johnson (8th Sem. IBT) and Mr Mrinal Choudhary (3rd Sem. IBT).