Gurugram, Nov 24, 2017: The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences celebrated Pharmacy Week on 20th, 22nd, and 24th November 2017. The celebration was a part of the 56th National Pharmacy Week celebrations. The theme selected for this year was ‘Know about your Medicines: Ask your Pharmacist’. The main objective of the Pharmacy Week celebration was to create awareness among the public about the theme and role of pharmacists in general. The event was organised for 3 days.

The program started with the introduction and presentation on Apeejay Stya University by Mr Chetan Vishist and Dr Rani Mansuri. They introduced the theme of the celebration, about the role of the pharmacist in healthcare and social welfare, and also about “self-medication: when and how to take medicine”. Around 200 students were examined for their blood pressure, pulse rate, body weight, height, body mass index, blood group, and blood glucose level by our Bachelors’ and Masters’ students in guidance with Mrs Sandhya Dubey and Mr Sanjay. Some of the students were found underweight whereas some were found overweight and few students were observed to have low glucose level they were advised for some diet modification and exercise. Apart from students, school teachers and other supported staff also participated in this wellness camp, very few of them were observed to have high blood pressure. They were also advised for diet modifications and exercises. They were also advised to consult a doctor.

Another school visit was organised as part of Pharmacy Week celebrations. The main aim of visiting the school was to create awareness about Pharmacy as a career option and awareness about the use of medicine. Around 150 students were also examined for their blood pressure, pulse rate, body weight, height, body mass index, blood group & blood glucose level, and individual students counseling was conducted for their better health.

Wellness Camp was also arranged on the ASU campus in the Pharmacy Wing. All the students, faculty members, and staff participated in this Camp.