Gurgaon, July 28, 2017: TA two-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) was held in the University on 27th & 28th July. The event began with the welcome address by Dr. S.K. Salwan, Vice-Chancellor, ASU and introduction of the new faculty members.

Starting with a very interesting story narration, Dr.Salwan invited other eminent faculty members and deans to overview the forthcoming discussion on the pertinent issues of the University.The second session of the day was on ‘Students’ Challenges and Adjustments to the University System’. The third session of the day was on Liberal Arts wherein the audience was given enough food for thought in terms of the role civic engagement and creative thinking play in our assessment scheme.

The next session commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony by Mr. Aditya Berlia, Pro-Chancellor, ASU, who discussed the differences between knowledge and consciousness; thereby expressing his concern over these two moving away from each other in practical. He listed the purpose of our existence: providing structure to students, hands-on experience, behavioral skills, environment for social interaction and facility to fail & regulation. Mr. Berlia concluded his interactive session by bringing out the concept of blended learning and importance of copyright and credit while outsourcing.

The last session of the first day of the FDP was on the ‘ASU Academic System’.

Honorable guest, Professor N.K.Gupta from NCERT graced day-two of the FDP at ASU. The topic for the first technical session was ‘Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education’ and the Guest Speaker for the same was Prof. N.K Gupta.

The second session was an open and interactive session addressed by Dr. S.K Salwan. The topic for the session was ‘How to be Happy?’ The third technical session included a ‘Workshop on Moodle’. In the fourth session, two different activities were organised for all the participants wherein the main emphasis was on the channelization of all the energy in one direction. The first exercise was named as ‘Know each other’ and the second exercise was a quiz on ‘Features of ASU’ wherein participants were divided into six teams.

The fifth technical session enlightened the participants about the ‘Digital Initiatives in Higher Education’. It focused on the factors that promote digital education in India, salient features of digital learning, Government interventions in promoting digital learning like National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT) and the National Program on Technology Enabled Learning (NPTEL), etc.

Lastly, Dr. S.K Salwan gave an overview about skilled and effective learning through digitization wherein he specially emphasized on maintaining uniqueness in study material while teaching through the digitized platform. Participants were also asked to share their experience and learning of the whole programme which was concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Dr. S.K Salwan.

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