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The academic system at ASU represents its unique vision. It encompasses the three interdisciplinary pillars of technology, research and liberal arts, while allowing scholars to truly explore their potential in the manner they wish. It reflects our belief that individuals should take ownership and responsibility for their learning and should operate in a conducive environment. It is guided by our commitment to innovate and produce job-ready professionals who are practical and conscientious individuals.

Grow beyond the finite

  • Do not get restricted to a particular skill set
  • Align your ideas, thoughts, and ways of working with changing dynamics of the industry
  • Be in a better position to overcome the unpredictability of the present day professional markets
  • Curriculum designed to produce highly adaptive and agile learners

Innovative Evaluation System

  • Evaluation at ASU is the measurement of learning
  • The evaluation methodologies decided by the faculty suit the learning objectives of a particular subject or course
  • The Semester system ensures continuous evaluation
  • The evaluation process includes projects, papers, open and take-home exams, apart from external industry evaluation models

Freedom to choose your degree

  • Meet the basic criteria for your degree; achieve minimum required marks; fulfil other graduation requirements and graduate with any degree offered by the University

Freedom to choose the number of credits

  • Fulfil the basic graduation requirement of 120 units and decide the tenure of your graduation by reducing or extending it
  • Instead of average 15 credits, you can sign up for minimum 12 and maximum 18 credits per semester

Freedom to graduate at your pace

  • Add or lessen the credits every semester and graduate at your pace
  • On earning a total of 120 credits, you can choose to graduate or you can take more courses and stay longer

Freedom to take any subject at any time

  • Meet the prerequisites of the course bulletin, check availability of seats and take any subject at any time
  • Select from the list of subjects available per semester and pick-up your own preferences
  • Get exposed to the trans-disciplinary approach and enhance your skill sets
  • Simply keep track of your basic graduate requirements and your main subjects and learn beyond the obvious

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