Iflah Imtiyaz

"My experience at Apeejay Stya University has been amazing. Apeejay stya University is one of best university which always promote the research in multidisciplinary areas as well as encouraging for technology development. Apeejay stya University has excellent joint research collaboration with number of reputed institutions and our faculty are continuously engaged in research with them. Our university has also various schemes for students and faculties to attending the technical workshops/conferences/seminars etc. Excellent atmosphere of teaching and learning in our university is so much attractive. Apeejay stya University is a very welcoming place, I feel very proud and happy to be a member of the ASU family. It's a great University which focuses on the all round development of the student."

Iflah Imtiyaz

(B. Design-interior)


Karan Kumar Nuhani

"The best thing I liked the most in ASU is faculty staff, I would like to thanks my all the teachers of design because of their helpful nature and support, today I am doing my own business successfully."

Karan Kumar Nuhani

(B. Design-Interior)


"ASU has helped me to discover my true potential and has given me unique opportunities which have helped me to prepare for the various challenges of life."

Kapil, India






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