Glimpse of Elaan’16Glimpse of Elaan’16

ASU as Student Partner in IRW 2016 (Winter Festive)

India Runway Week isAsia’s youngest fashion trade event. Each season of the much awaited IRW introduces new talent and places young Indian designers firmly on the global fashion stage. IRW provides a platform for both established and upcoming talented designers but also introduces fresh designers to showcase their collections. In addition to facilitating the exchange of ideas and networking interactions between designers, buyers and affiliates, the event provides an enriching experience for everyone. The 7th season of India Runway Week (Winer Festive) was held from 16th-18th September 2016 at Thyagraj Stadium in Delhi, and our Apeejay Stya University had also sponsored the event. As a student partner of IRW 2016, many students from our university volunteered in various roles like Designers, Backstage assistants, Main ShowArea assistants, and Media coverage for the university. Some ASU students of Fashion Design even got the opportunity to showcase their own designs. These costumiers have explored unconventional cut-outs and silhouettes by using a variety of stretch and woven fabrics, ranging from scuba, suede, Lethe rite, Neoprene and Organza/Glass Nylon, to furs and burnt-out jerseys. “As young fashioners, their love for designing, pattern cutting and experimenting with fabrics has led them to create new silhouettes and garments within the Apeejay Stya University campus on trio-themes of Audacity, Disguised Stash & Re-living the Retro Chick and the show was quite successful. Audacity collection referred to bold, daring and effrontery or insolence attitude on the ramp. To accentuate the attitude, this woman carries off the silhouettes, which are making statements of its own kind. Disguised Stash collection focused on the keepers. It is about the stash which is unrevealed and yet to be unmasked. There is a rampant camouflaged attitude, which is vaunted by our young women. Re-living the Retro Chick collection is about femininity and glam, inspired by the Fashion history of Victorian Era & 1950s style amalgamated with a craft of Bihar "Sujani Embroidery"

Glimpse of Elaan’16Glimpse of Elaan’16


Glimpse of Elaan’16


A Day Devoted To Creaft By SDVA

School of Design & Visual Arts conducted an educational trip to 31st Surajkund International Craft Fair-2017 (Faridabad, Haryana) on 13th February’2017, which is part of the curriculum. Students of 1st & 2nd year attended the same along with faculty members (Ms. AshimaArora & Mr. Abdul Khan). The theme state this time was Jharkhand & Nation Partner was Egypt. Though nearly 20 countries and all the states of India participated in the fair. This fair was unique as it showcased the richness and diversity of the handicrafts, handlooms and cultural fabrics of India. The Mela is indeed a custodian of the heritage crafts involving use of traditional skills that are fading away due to inexpensive machine made imitations, and a special section was earmarked for showcasing of these heritage crafts. During the visit students learnt about many art-forms like 'Pattachitra' which is a traditional painting of Odisha , there were palm leaf engravings of Odisha, silk sarees from Mysore and Madhu-bani paintings of Bihar, different types of block paintings of Madhya Pradesh, Yak wool shawls from Jammu, Jute & cane accessories from Jharkhand and we explored many other art forms too. In short, most of the exquisite handlooms and handicrafts of India were showcased. Interior Design students found pottery, ivory work, stonework, terracotta, grass work & wooden furniture from Assam of their interest whereas Fashion Design students saw Kantha work of West Bengal, Applique work, ‘Banjara’& ‘Bunni’ Mirror work from Gujrat, Pashmina Shawls from Kashmir, all-time vibrant Phulkari embroidery from Punjab and the famous ‘Chikan’ work of Lucknow and gained practical knowledge of different fabrics, prints & embroideries. Apart from the exhibition, celebration of Indian folk traditions and cultural heritage was taking place in the form of folk performances in different zones of the venue simultaneously.

In a nutshell, it was a great learning experience as students got practical knowledge by interacting with the artisans, sculptors, weavers & crafts-persons there.


Glimpse of Elaan’16 Glimpse of Elaan’16


Visit to Orient Craft Limited of SDVA students

An Industry Visit to Orient Craft Ltd., Gurgaon was arranged by School of Design & Visual Arts (with the help of CRC Dptt.) on 18th February’2017.Fashion Design Students of 2nd & 3rd year of B.Des & 1st & 2nd year of M.A. in Fashion Design attended the same along with Ms. AshimaArora (Professional Faculty, SDVA) & Ms. Deepshikha Sharma (Deputy Manager, CRC). OnArrival to the factory, Mr. Lamba (HR Head, OCL-Gurgaon) gave a brief about the company and interacted with students regarding the required skill set for being an Intern/employee in OCL. He also explained about the various CSR activities of the company & the future expansion plans. OCL is among top 3 garment export houses in India & deals into Garments (both wovens & knits) & Home furnishings. Orient Craft Limited is currently working with 42 brands employing nearly 30,000 people throughout all units with the daily output of more than 4.5 lakh garments. Students were then taken to the Sampling & R&D department for the practical know-how. As Sampling department is kind of Mini production unit so the students were taken there for observation. There were nearly 12 lines in Sampling (2 lines dedicated to 1 buyer). Flag system was followed here to identify which line belongs to which buyer. In R&D/Industrial Engineering department, IE head explained uses of different kinds of folders & attachments for sewing machines. They also discussed various techniques by which the SAM (Standard Allowed Minutes) of garment can be reduced. Then to conclude Mr. Lamba had a short Q & A session with the students which helped students understand the working of an export house in a better way.

Glimpse of Elaan’16

Visit to GTE’17 of Fashion Design students

A Visit to Garment Technology Expo’17 (GTE’17),NSIC Exhibition Complex, Okhla was organised by School of Design & Visual Arts (Fashion Design Dptt.) on 4th March’2017. Fashion Design Students of 2nd & 3rd year of B. Design & 1st year of M.A. in Fashion Design attended the same along with Ms. Ashima Arora (Professional Faculty, SDVA) who explained the working of all machines to the students quite in detail. 24th Edition of Garment Technology Expo is a 4 - day event being held from 3rd March to 6th March 2017. This event showcased products like CAD / CAM (Lectra & Tukatech soft-wares), Sewing (Computerized, Industrial, Over lock, Flat Lock Machines, Spares), Knitting (Circular, Flat, Socks, Collar Machines), Embroidery ( Industrial, Multi Head, Single Head and Home Machines, Sequins Devices), Dyes & Chemicals, Quilting ( Single and Multi-head Quilting Machines, Mattress Making Machines), Fusing, Laundry (Dryers, Tumblers, Laundry and Dry Cleaning Machines), Fabrics, FancyYarn, Finishing Equipment (Compacting, Steam Ironing Machines, Conveyor Systems, Boilers), Dyeing, Non - Woven Bag Making Machine, Cutting Printing & Packaging, Software Solutions, Spreading, Spares & Attachments, Accessories & Trims, Testing Equipment, Support Services, Trade Publications etc. in the Apparel & Clothing, Knitting & Stitching industries in nearly 8 different halls.

This exhibition imparted practical knowledge to the students about all the latest technology related to the garment Industry. More-over the faculty explained how different types of tests are conducted on fabrics and trims and machine like light box, crock-meter, shrinkage tester, GSM machine etc. Students also interacted with the exhibitors which would further help them once they enter the industry. In a nutshell, it was a great learning experience for students and they are looking forward to such more visits.

Glimpse of Elaan’16

Glimpse of Elaan’16

Glimpse of Elaan’16

Enthusiastic Participation of ASU Fasionistas In IRW’17

The Fashion Design students ofApeejay Stya University brought together the distinctive experiences and talent through a uniquely collaborative design process that is all about their love for quality and craftsmanship, expressed through the interplay of variety of fabrics in flattering silhouettes in India Runway Week’17 (Summer Edition) held at Thyagraj Stadium (New Delhi) on 28th April’17. The collections strive to interpret age-old embroidery techniques inherited from different regions of the country and bring out the exquisite nature of these surface ornamentation. They believe in a striking yet simplistic approach to design and endeavour to cater to the needs of independent and discerning women who cherish an individualistic sense of style. With a keen eye for drawing inspiration from the simplest of natural forms to the most complex motifs, their collections unabashedly celebrate life, beauty and human emotions at their purest. Highly talented students of School of Design & VisualArts under the guidance of their faculty made 3 collections, 2 of which fall under the heading of Heritage Soul & 1 under the heading of Boardroom Bedizen. Here is a brief of both of them:

Heritage Soul

Glimpse of Elaan’16

The collection presented has been coined with varied perspectives which speaks volumes about personalised imperfection of the human hand. Birds, antique textiles, gypsies and old eras have been on-going inspiration for our designers who believe that “clothes should be just an extension of one’s intellect.” Usage of unusual fabrics, texturing and detailing, fusion of styles, “patch-worked with gorgeous embellishments” in a vibrant diverse colour pallate makes the feeling of going back to the soul. This collection evokes images of ancient ages and is an amalgamation of international styling of minimalism with an Indian soul. The collection aptly titled “Heritage Soul” is for people who prefer to walk a path less travelled and who definitely believe that slowing down is not equivalent to dropping out. This is a tribute by School of Design & Visual Arts to Indian heritage and its indigenous method of hand painting, block prints, phulkari, Dabu-print, Gotta-patti, brocade & bead work in construction of ultra-feminine silhouettes. Some of the Egyptian techniques have also been showcased taking Egyptian queen Nefertiti as an inspiration.

Glimpse of Elaan’16

Last but not the least collection showcased is impersonal, balanced and yet extremely stylish & is designed by the young costumiers ofApeejay Stya University. Taking the inspiration from Aqua toAbstracts, novice designers of School of Design & Visual Arts have endeavoured to play with the intricacies like pin-tucks & wave-tucks of each garment in both symmetrical & asymmetrical forms. The garments well turned out are work-wear classics ranging from wide era of fabrics i.e. chambrays to prints to twills to dobbies in the tones of Greys and Blues. “Putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world,” says Abraham Rutchick, a professor of psychology at California State University. The clientele focussed on is a young & empowered chic who wants to wear something stylish while maintaining her modesty. Whether its a High-Waist Skirt, a pair of Trousers with suspenders, Shirtsleeves, Tuxedo or a Coat Dress now it’s the time to update your ensemble and bring sartorial elegance. This array of garments gives a sleek feminine look even when it is worn as separates.

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Shoots by Animation and Graphics students SDVA

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