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"India has emerged as a key global player in Biotech / Biopharm sector which produces enormous demand for biotech graduates equipped with trans-disciplinary skill sets. The custom-designed curricula with world class exposure give student a distinct competitive edge in Biotech / Pharma, Health care industry and Academics. Innovative pedagogy imparts to students hands on skills developing analytical and reasoning power in a warm ambience conducive to breed excellence. Student has direct access to State-of-Art labs. LIVE Projects attached to industry and premier institutions in India & abroad are an integral part."

Career Options
  • Healthcare industry
  • Nutrition, Public Health
  • Drug Designing, Bioinformatics
  • Bio-medical Engineering
  • Drug Designing
  • Forensic Science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Analytics & Forensics
  • Bio-informatics
  • Food & Beverages
Faculty Profile

ASU has learned faculty, highly qualified with industrial experience. Read More...

Fee And Scholarships
  For Students
Tuition Fee (per annum) 2,60,000
Net Tuition fee (per annum) after scholarship*:
less than or equal to 60% 1,70,000
greater than 60% 1,50,000
Additional Charges** 40,200


Additional Scholarship available on merit cum means basis for truly deserving students, on case to case basis.
Scholarship offered based on graduation aggregates.

**Additional Charges are inclusive of:
Development Fee INR 20,000 per annum
Security Fee INR 15,000 One Time Payable (Refundable)
CRC INR 3,000 One Time Payable with the 1st Semester Fee
Online Library INR 2,000 per annum
Group Insurance Accident Policy INR 200 per annum
Course Outline
  • 1st Year
  • 2nd Year
Semester- I
Sr.No Course Name
1 Metabolism; Metabolomics
2 Systems and Regulatory Physiology
3 Genetics; Molecular Biology ; Genomics
4 Quantitative aspects of Biology, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
4 Bioanalytical Techniques & Instrumentations
Semester- II
1 Microbiology: Basic and Applied
2 Genetic Engineering and GMOs
3 Immunology
4 Enzymology; Proteomics; Nano -biotechnology
5 Molecular & Immunodiagnostics
6 Drug Designing & Pharmacogenomics
7 Management, IPR, Regulatory Affairs
Semester- III
Sr.No Course Name
1 Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery & Development
2 Industrial Biotechnology
3 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; Agro food technology
4 Cell and Tissue Culture, Stem cell research
5 Elective Level-I
6 Research Project
Semester- IV
1 Elective Level-II
2 Dissertation in areas of elective
List of Degree Elective course-I
1 Level 1: Food sustainability (Case Study)
2 Level 1:Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
3 Level 1: In silico Drug Design
4 Level 1: Intensive study of a Disease: Etiology, Diagnostics & Therapeutics
5 Level 1: Microbial Biotechnology
6 Level 1: Phamacogenomics
7 Level 1: Healthcare Biotechnology
List of Degree Elective course-II
1 Level 2: Food Technology & Safety
2 Level 2: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
3 Level 2: Drug Designing
4 Level 2: Intensive study of a Disease: Biotechnological approaches
5 Level 2: Microbial Biotechnology
6 Level 2: Pharmacogenomics&Pharmacoinformatics
7 Level 2:Healthcare Biotechnology




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