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Dr. Asha Chandola-Saklani (PhD, BHU) is a Fellow of Indian Academy of Science, Fellow of International Ornithologists' Union, Member European Thyroid Association and serving on international committees. She is a scientist of international repute and her group placed the country on world map in the area of Comparative Endocrinology (Thyroid) and Avian Biology challenging several prevalent myths. She has published extensively in top high impact international journals and presented work in about 40 international conferences abroad chairing several sessions. She has also organised several national/international symposia all over the world. The current interests of her lab are Translational Thyroidology, Etiology & Molecular Epidemiology, Nutrition & Environmental sustainability. She has a keen interest in Science Education and Pedagogy, and has developed student participatory, flexible, niche-oriented curricula with an emphasis on Community Outreach.

She is a UGC Career awardee, INSA Young Scientist awardee, Royal Society (London) Bursary awardee and recipient of Research Grants from DST, UGC, DoE, CSIR, ICAR, WWF, DAE (Trombay).

Dr. Subhabrata Kar
subhabrataAssistant Professor

School Of Biosciences

Dr. Kar is a Ph.D in Biotechnology from the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER). His doctoral research was focussed on the role of oxidative stress on heart diseases. He has worked on the role of oxidative stress on cardiovascular diseases. His research work demonstrates that oxidative stress destabilises proteins playing an integral role in lipid metabolism of the body. These results have wide implications in the development of emerging therapies for cardiovascular disease. He has applied his knowledge of spectroscopic techniques to biological problems such as protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions and has published in peer reviewed high impact factor international journals. Dr. Kar's current major research interests span across Membrane Biophysics and Protein Biochemistry. Currently, the fundamental focus of his research is centered on the study of interaction of membrane-binding proteins with the biological membrane using biochemical reconstitution for the design and development of protein therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Atul Kathait
atulAssistant Professor

School Of Biosciences

Dr. Kathait, member European Thyroid Association, is Ph.D in Biotechnology from HNB Garhwal Central University (HNBGU) with specialisation in Bioinformatics, at Patel Chest Institute/IGIB, Delhi. He has about 9 years research experience including 3.5 years as DST-SRF at the premier lab CCMB, Hyderabad, in hard core DNA sequencing of Avian Genome. As Bioinformatics Assistant in DBT BIF Centre, HNBGU and RA ASU he gained vast exposure in Data management & application of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics tools from molecules to ecosystems including Drug designing, Molecular phylogeny, Bioacoustics, Phylogeography & Epidemiology publishing in high impact international journals. His work was recently reviewed in British Medical Journal. He worked on Molecular Clocks at Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing in 2011, & has presented work at several National and International Conferences including the 37th Internatl Conf European Thyroid Association, Leiden Netherlands, Sep 2013, as ETA young Investigator Grant Awardee, and Internatl Ornithol Cong 2015, Khon Kaen, Thailand. He is a recipient of Young Scientist Gold Medal from Indian Academy of Environmental Scs. He has organized several workshops and an ICSU-CODATA sponsored Symposium 'Linkages for Population specific Data Integration in Healthcare' in Internatl Conf 'SciDataCon2014', JNU. He is the Coordinator of the 'Healthsciences Data System' a joint initiative of ASU with Medanta, MAX Healthcare & HIMS Jolly Grant Uttarakhand. He developed innovative pedagogic 'Lessons-from-Nature' & 'Learn-while-Serve' community outreach modules & mentored students leading to peer reviewed publications and presentations at Natl and Internatl conferences.

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