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"The School of Legal Studies imparts a rigorous and trans-disciplinary legal education with a view to producing world-class legal professionals,scholars and public servants. The School's expert faculty comes from across the world and engages in critical scholarship that contributes to publicdebates both in India and abroad. Research centres at the School have been established to inject new ideas into cutting edge issues of law and policy ranging from women's rights tointernational trade. The School offers exchange programmes and has entered into collaborations & research partnerships with many Indian and foreign universities. With a high quality education bolstered by unique work experiences, the graduating students will be equipped with the skills they need to succeed in a diverse set of fields at a global level."

Career Options
  • Legal Practitioner / Advocate / Legal Advisor
  • Writer - Editing Law Books / Journals / Reports
  • Government Service
  • Legal Outsourcing
  • Judiciary
  • Teaching
Faculty Profile

ASU has learned faculty, highly qualified with industrial experience.

Fee And Scholarships
Fees : 2018 - 2019
(In INR) For Students For Defence Personnel/ Wards For Apeejay Alumnus
Tuition Fee (per annum) 2,60,000 2,60,000 2,60,000
Net Tuition fee (per annum) after scholarship*:
less than or equal to 88% 1,95,000 1,85,000 1,75,000
greater than 88% and less than 93% 1,10,000 1,00,000 90,000
greater than or equal to 93% 20,000 20,000 20,000
Additional Charges** 40,200 40,200 40,200


Scholarship offered based on 10+2 scores
Additional Scholarship available on merit cum means basis for truly deserving students, on case to case basis.

**Additional Charges are inclusive of:
Development Fee INR 20,000 per annum
Security Fee INR 15,000 One Time Payable (Refundable)
CRC INR 3,000 One Time Payable with the 1st Semester Fee
Online Library INR 2,000 per annum
Group Insurance Accident Policy INR 200 per annum


Course Outline
  • 1st Year
  • 2nd Year
  • 3rd Year
  • 4th Year
  • 5th Year
Semester- I
Sr.No Course Name
1 Legal English-1
2 Sociology-1
3 Political Science-1
4 Information Technology in Law
5 Law of Contract-1 including Specific Relief Act
Semester- II
1 Legal English-II
2 Sociology-II
3 Political Science-II
4 Law of Torts including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Act
5 Law of Contract-II including Parternership and Sales of Goods Act
Semester- III
Sr.No Course Name
1 History-1
2 Economics-1
3 Hindi-1
4 Constitutional Law-1
5 Family Law-1(Hindu Law)
Semester- IV
1 History-II
2 Economics-II
3 Hindi-II
4 Constitutional Law-II
5 Family Law-II(Muslim Law)
Semester- V
Sr.No Course Name
1 Competion Law
2 Jurisprudence
3 Company Lawy
4 Law of Crime-1 (Indian Penal Code)
5 Industrial and Labour Law-1
Semester- VI
1 Private International Law
2 Administrative Law
3 Taxation Law
4 Law of Crime-II(Crpc)
5 Industrial and Labour Law-II
Semester- VII
Sr.No Course Name
1 Property and Easement Law
2 Environment Law
3 Interpretation of Statutes
4 Public International Law
5 Elective-1 (Opt any one)
Semester- VIII
Sr.No Course Name
1 Professional Ethics and Accountability
2 Law of Evidence
3 Cyber Law
4 Banking and Insurance Law
5 OPEN Elective-II (Opt any one)
Semester- IX
Sr.No Course Name
1 Human Rights Law
2 Land Laws
3 Intellectual Property Rights
4 Alternative Dispute Resolution
5 OPEN Elective-III (Opt any one)
Semester- X
Sr.No Course Name
1 Civil Procedure Code
2 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing
3 Moot Court
4 Law of Medicine and Health
5 OPEN Elective-IV (Opt any one)




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