Learner-centric Academic Environment at ASU

The unique learner-centric academic system with “Mark to Market” dynamic curriculum, broad-based courses with freedom of choice and liberty given to the students to chart their own career graph, are some of the important hall-marks of this University. In this respect, the University has carved out a unique place for itself in the country.

The system is designed with the standard international course credit at its core. The curriculum is modelled on the liberal arts approach being followed by the Ivy League Universities and Stanford and MIT.

The ASU aims to promote academic autonomy and empowerment, risk-taking and commitment for exploratory research across disciplines among its faculty and students. It encourages aspiring researchers and scholars to pursue their research ambitions, which are aligned to the vision and the mission of the university and emerging trends in the global market.

In a real sense the Liberal Arts constitute not just a corpus of knowledge but looking at that knowledge in a way that is holistic and global rather than narrow and overly scholastic.

Liberal Arts Approach:

This twenty-first century revival of the Liberal Arts does not come from within the academy, but rather in response to the expressed needs of employers for broadly educated employees.

ASU offers various innovative and unique courses that are truly transdisciplinary in nature, scope and contents and help the students to develop knowledge and skills in diverse areas of study.

Intensive and rigorous workshops on developing liberal arts courses are conducted by Dr. Joel Rodney, Dean Academics in the beginning of each academic season. Faculty teaching liberal arts courses participate in those workshops. Such workshops help the faculty members to incorporate liberal arts elements in their course structures and course delivery.

Programme Overview

The University is offering a wide range of programmes which are innovative in the emerging areas with Design Think, and Laboratory First - based approach. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, which is mind engaging for the students, promotes critical thinking, and improves achievements at all levels. We take inputs from the present day Business Leaders and industry practitioners to develop an industry centric curriculum. The curriculum is regularly reviewed by the subject experts both from academia and industry to address the current needs of the industry. In addition to contemporary and emerging courses under their chosen programmes students also take coursesfrom other areas of studies like History, Art &Literature, Culture & Civilizationand Philosophy& Reasoning etc. A wide range of specializations are also being offered keeping in view the requirements of both domestic and international market. The University also offers courses jointly with national and International certification authorities like ACCA and NSE. Such programmes help students to acquire additional certification.

Another unique feature of our curriculum is that we have a compulsory course in community services. It helps our students to develop social awareness and sensitivity.

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