dr vyas
Dean, School of Biosciences

Dr Vyas M Shingatgeri – MVSC, PhD, DICVP, Fellow of Society of Toxicology (SOTX), Member of SOT, STP & STPI – has a vast experience in the field of pathologic basis of the disease and has worked on areas of Oncology and Immuno-Toxicological Pathology during his postgraduate and doctoral research projects.

He started his professional career as Toxicologic Pathologist at Hindustan Ciba-Geigy Research Centre, Mumbai (till December 1984). Thereafter, he worked as a Research Fellow, pursuing his doctoral programme at the Cancer Research Center, Tata Memorial Center. He has been in academics for almost 12 years, teaching undergraduates, post-graduates and doctoral programme students at the Bombay Veterinary College.

Dr Shingatgeri has extensive industry working experience in the field of Laboratory Animal Sciences, Toxicology and Pathology. He is a qualified Laboratory Assessor for NABL Accreditation of Labs for testing and calibrations (ISO 17025), in addition to his role as a Faculty in GLP Trainings organised by NGCMA, especially during 2004 to 2014.

He has authored/co-authored 40 publications in the field of Toxicology & Pathology in various national and international journals.

Adjunct Professor

Fellow of Indian Academy of Science, Fellow of International Ornithologists’ Union and Member of European Thyroid Association, Prof. Asha Chandola-Saklani is a scientist of international repute. PhD from Banaras Hindu University (Iodine Metabolism in Birds), she has published in top 3-10% high impact world Science journals and presented work in about 40 International conferences abroad. She has also organised several national / international symposia. The work of her group placed the country on world map in the area of Comparative Endocrinology and Avian Biology. The group has made significant contribution to Basic & Translational Thyroidology, Etiology and Molecular Epidemiology of Cervical Cancer and Iodine Deficiency Disorders, Nutrition and Regulatory Seasonal Mechanisms in Tropics challenging several prevalent myths.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kar is a Ph.D in Biotechnology from the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER). His doctoral research was focussed on the role of oxidative stress on heart diseases. He has worked on the role of oxidative stress on cardiovascular diseases. His research work demonstrates that oxidative stress destabilises proteins playing an integral role in lipid metabolism of the body. These results have wide implications in the development of emerging therapies for cardiovascular disease. He has applied his knowledge of spectroscopic techniques to biological problems such as protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions and has published in peer reviewed high impact factor international journals. Dr. Kar's current major research interests span across Membrane Biophysics and Protein Biochemistry. Currently, the fundamental focus of his research is centered on the study of interaction of membrane-binding proteins with the biological membrane using biochemical reconstitution for the design and development of protein therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases.

Associate Professor, Coordinator

Dr. Atul Kathait, Member European Thyroid Association, is Ph.D in Biotechnology from HNB Garhwal Central University (HNBGU) with specialisation in Bioinformatics, at Patel Chest Institute/IGIB, Delhi. He has about 9 years research experience, including 3.5 years as DST-SRF at the premier lab CCMB, Hyderabad, in hard core DNA sequencing of Avian Genome. As a Bioinformatics Assistant in DBT BIF Centre, HNBGU and RA ASU, he gained vast exposure in Data Management & application of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics tools from molecules to ecosystems including Drug designing, Molecular Phylogeny, Bioacoustics, Phylogeography & Epidemiology – publishing in high impact international journals. His work was recently reviewed in the British Medical Journal. He has worked on Molecular Clocks at the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing in 2011 and has presented work at several national and international conferences including the 37th International Conference European Thyroid Association, Leiden Netherlands, Sep. 2013 (as ETA Young Investigator Grant Awardee) and International Ornithological Congress 2015, Khon Kaen, Thailand. Dr. Kathait is a recipient of the Young Scientist Gold Medal from the Indian Academy of Environmental Sciences. He has organised several workshops and an ICSU-CODATA sponsored Symposium 'Linkages for Population Specific Data Integration in Healthcare' in the International Conference 'SciDataCon2014', JNU. He is the Coordinator of the 'Health sciences Data System' – a joint initiative of ASU with Medanta, MAX Healthcare & HIMS Jolly Grant, Uttarakhand. He has developed innovative pedagogic 'Lessons-from-Nature' & 'Learn-while-Serve' community outreach modules and has mentored students leading to peer reviewed publications and presentations at national and international conferences.

dr saroj
Assistant Professor

Dr Saroj Kumar has 7+ years of research and teaching experience at national and international laboratories/universities. Dr Kumar did his master’s in Biotechnology from BU, Jhansi and PhD (Biotechnology) from CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrated Biology (CSIR-IGIB), Delhi. His PhD research was focussed on industrial and medical applications of Biotechnology, where he worked on Bioconjugation Chemistry, Immunodiagnostics, Immune Sensors, Enzyme Technology, and Bioreactors. He did his Post-Doctoral Research (PDF) at Linnaeus University, Sweden. In his Post Doctoral research, he worked on Biomolecular Motors, Cytoskeletal Proteins, Actomyosin, Nanobiotechnology, Miniaturized Sensors, Lab-on-a-Chip, Bioconjugation Chemistry and Nanofabrication.

Dr Kumar was a recipient of the Dept. of Science and Technology - Young Scientist Award (SERB). He was the Principal Investigator of the research project on ‘Development of Next Generation Diagnostic Nano-Device’. Dr Kumar has published more than 21 papers in international peer reviewed journals including Biotechnology & Bioengineering, Biotechnology Advances, Advanced Sciences, Biosensor & Bioelectronics, Biophysical Journal, Talanta, Journal of Nanobiotechnology, Analyst, Analytical Biochemistry. He represented the country in various international forums by presenting research finding and participation.

Currently, he is working on Diagnostic Devices, Medical Devices, Miniaturized Biosensor, Biophysics of Cytoskeletal Proteins (Actomyosin) and Enzyme Technology.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohd Zeeshan Najm is working as Assistant Professor in School of Bio Sciences. He is M.Sc in Biotechnology and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Jamia Hamdard. He has taught in various educational institute in Delhi NCR and has published papers in reputed journals and presented papers in national and international journals. He is awarded Hamdard National Foundation Fellowship twice to carry out research work and appointed as an Editor of journal called International Journal of Cancer Research and Immunotherapy as well as editor of Potential Reviewer of Journal Gene (Elsevier) and Biomarkers Insights (Libertas)