Innovative Academic System

Based on the best practices of the Ivy League universities of USA.

Unique Philosophy and Teaching Methodology

Students and teachers at ASU discover knowledge and skills together. Small classes and well-equipped labs, combined with best ICT practices promise a rich and personalised teaching-learning experience.

Commitment to Research

ASU provides research opportunities across all levels including real-time industry-led research.

Liberal Arts Approach

Broad, well-defined path to develop critical thinking and analytical skills, with a Liberal Arts approach implemented through a ‘Core’ set of wide-ranging subjects and domains.

Freedom to Realign Educational Goals

A student can choose to change his/her degree or major even in later semesters and re-apply credits already gained.

Freedom to Graduate at One’s Pace

ASU allows students to graduate at their own pace (early or late) by choosing their own customized path.

Trans-Disciplinary Approach

There is strong focus on a trans-disciplinary approach and research across all programs & disciplines, to solve complex problems and generate new knowledge.

Dynamic Evaluation Procedure

Continuous and dynamic evaluation system is provided, including field projects, group discussions, research credits and take-home papers.

Course Choice and Scheduling Flexibility

ASU allows students the flexibility to take any course being offered by the university and customise their schedule in a semester to accomplish personal learning milestones.

Relevant Curriculum and Syllabus

The focus is on well-designed curriculum that engages students and promotes critical thinking, creativity and achievement at all levels. Each course is carefully selected and vetted, and is revisited regularly in sync with the changing market dynamics based on a ‘markto-market’ approach.

Flexible Academic Load

With a flexible credit system, students can choose to take between 12 to 18 credits per semester and are permitted to take a range of advanced classes.

Excellence in Research & Innovation

ASU is a robust seat of innovation and research in Applied Science and Technology, including support for research in emerging technologies, Biosciences, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Electronics. State-of-the-art research and technology incubation facilities are available to students and researchers.

Strong Industry Interface

ASU has multiple associations with industries across the globe through its synergy with various Chambers of Commerce & organisations such as CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, PHDCCI, NEN, AIMA, NHRD, MEDICI Institute, World Brand Congress and CMO Asia. ASU nurtures the concept of entrepreneurship through an E-Cell and also has a unique Incubation Centre supported by leading industries in different fields.