The Design and Innovation Centre (DICE) is a trans-departmental facility for design and innovation for Apeejay Stya University students and faculty. DICE offers congenial environment for critical thinking and freewheeling, to project ideas for brain sketching with others and, collaborate to evolve cost efficient solutions. DICE has a work culture of determined team effort in search of Innovation, Creativity and Excellence. It has higher take off point as it judiciously adapts the best design practices and processes from MIT Labs and Fab Lab of MIT.

DICE – Objectives

  • To create a culture of design thinking and knowledge sharing in order to achieve collective excellence
  • Faculty to be pace-setter, inspiring and leading from the front, empowering young thinkers to explore beyond scope as they achieve new horizons
  • Create new products or modify existing product designs which attract consumers for better look and feel, ease of operation and maintenance & durability
  • Have good interface with industry and undertake consultancy/project work to earn revenue for sustenance & growth
  • Organise national/international workshops to showcase innovation of students and earn recognition from industry for undertaking consultancy

Labs at DICE

DICE offers a wealth of knowledge to be translated into reality, using state-of-the-art hardware, software and emerging trends in management techniques and agronomics. It has world class software, hardware and instruments.

Simulation Lab

It has a good range of software tools for designs and includes the following:

  • Cyprus
  • HFSS
  • PLC system

Microprocessor & Controller

  • Microprocessor and Embedded Software Lab -Evolving & Developing Design
  • Fabrication, validation & optimisation
  • Display of projects & products designed by students
  • Visitor gallery for technology evolution
  • PCB Lab

Design Testing, Proving & Optimisation

Communication Lab: Possessing facilities for testing, modifying, re-testing and proving designs of electronic applications by students & faculty.

Prototyping & Concept Proving

This comprises CNC Machine, 3D printer for prototyping various products, work stations with Solid Works Software to offer facilities like simulation, design, and optimisation, documentation of design and version control. 3D drawing will be interfaced with CNC and 3D printer.