The ASU campus bustles with creative and innovative students who find their own unique voices and means of expression through the various clubs managed by the students.

These clubs cater to a wide range of interests, including music, dance, dramatics, fine arts, photography, literature, yoga, meditation, and many others. The clubs provide students an interactive platform through which they can engage with like-minded peers and evolve in the course of mutual learning.

The University encourages its students to explore, unleash and exhibit their innovative self. The Recreation Room in the campus is one such physical space that supports this ideology.

The clubs that are the centre of student life include: ZELE - The Literary Club, Management Club - ENLIGHT, PANACHE - Social & Cultural Club, Film Club, Drama Club, Rotaract Club and LEGENDS- Sports Club.

Featured Clubs

  • ASU’s dynamic institution holds the promise of building future leaders
  • Become not only trained professionals but also highly creative individuals
  • Hold great humanistic values, while you explore, unleash, and exhibit your innovative self
  • Savour the laidback environment and rest between academic endeavours with facilities ranging from television, to video games, music, and art in the Recreation Room
  • Take the learning experience beyond the curriculum with the Student Clubs, where selection of office-bearers is a fully student-centric activity

About Zele

The ASU literary club, known as Zele, is synonymous with expression! The Club is a talented and enthusiastic group of young minds with the ability to transcend all limitations and explore the uncharted territories of knowledge, creativity, and innovation.

Key activities

The key activities of the club include: Debate & group discussions, Dumb charades, Just a minute (JAM), Spelling bee, Story writing, Poetry, Public speaking, and Quizzes, among others.

About Panache

The club is dedicated to develop and bring out the hidden talent of its members, to create an awareness of artistic ability and provide a historically significant edifice to support the preservation of the country's rich cultural heritage.

  • The social aspect of the club holds a promise to meet ASU's social responsibilities toward the underprivileged
  • The cultural club strives to capture the blend of the East & the West and develop an appreciation of our rich cultural heritage

Key Activities

Some of the club's social activities include a drive to educate the poor, underprivileged children of the neighboring Silani village and Old Clothes Drive for the underprivileged.

The cultural activities include dance and music competitions, art and craft events; Skits; photography and design competitions; comedy / mimicry shows and open talent rounds, among others.

About Legends

ASU's socio-cultural milieu has great respect for all sporting endeavours as we believe mind-body balance to be one of the most crucial aspects in the overall development of an individual.

Key activities

Some of the main activities of the sports club include:

    Outdoor Games
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
    Indoor Games
  • Carom
  • Chess
  • Table Tennis

The vision of Apeejay Stya University is not simply to expand the human knowledge base in the students but to inculcate in them an understanding of the human condition, fostering universal values, doing public good and benefit the society at large. The Rotaract Club was established in ASU in 2013 which channelizes the youth energies in a university set up by involving its members and other participants in different projects and activities. It has recorded significant work in the area of community and social service which includes Blood Donation Camp, Polio Awareness Drive, Can Support Walk (Awareness Campaign for Cancer), Plantation Drive, In-Campus Social Library, Books on Wheels (Mobile Library), Financial Literacy Campaign, Cloth Donation, Online Competition of Rotaract Memories, and participation of Rotaract members in RYLA (Rotaract Youth Leadership Award). 

The motto of NSS is ‘Not me but You’. Its main objective is to sensitize the youths regarding community problems, issues & challenges and inculcate in them the much  needed desirable values. The NSS was introduced in ASU in the year 2016 with due approval from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports with an intake of 100 students. A large number of students opt NSS as an open elective course and involve themselves in community development activities like literacy drive, plantation, cleanliness, health & hygiene awareness, environmental awareness, appreciation and popularization of rural arts, etc.