The Engineering curriculum at ASU instils the techniques and skills of Problem Analysing, Solving and Engineering Design through the study of basic and advanced Engineering Science.This foundation is integrated with practical experience, which addresses both technical and non-technical aspects of engineering. The students get exposed to equipment and laboratory facilities designed in sync with the curriculum and various emerging fields like Cloud Computing, Mechatronics & Robotics. ASU inculcates in its students the acumento identify, analyse and solve complex engineering and business application-related problems. They extensively get hands on experience in co-specialising, drones and satellites technologies.

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10+2 with English as a core subject. Candidates must have studied Physics and Mathematics in their Class 12. They must have studied at least one of the below as optimal subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Bio-Technology. They must have scored aggregate of 50%.


4 Years

Fee and Scholarships (2020-21)

(In INR) For Students For Defence Personnel/ Wards For Apeejay Alumnus
Tuition Fee (per annum) 2,60,000 2,60,000 2,60,000
Net Tuition fee (per annum) after scholarship*:
less than or equal to 70% 2,25,000 2,15,000 2,05,000
greater than 70% and less than 80% 2,00,000 1,90,000 1,80,000
greater than 80% 1,75,000 1,65,000 1,55,000
Additional Charges** 30,200 30,200 30,200


* Scholarship offered based on 10+2 scores. Additional Scholarship available on merit cum means basis for truly deserving students, on case to case basis.

** Additional Charges are inclusive of:

Development Fee INR 20,000 per annum
Security Fee INR 5,000 One Time Payable (Refundable)
CRC INR 3,000 One Time Payable with the 1st Semester Fee
Online Library INR 2,000 per annum
Group Insurance Accident Policy INR 200 per annum

Admission also open for Lateral Entry ( LEET) for Diploma holders of Polytechnic and for migration cases from other universities/institutes.

Course Outline

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Sl.No. Course Code Courses
1 ASMA-101 Engineering  Mathematics I
2 ASMA-102 Engineering  Mathematics II
3 ASPH-101* Engineering Physics
4 ASCH-101 Engineering Chemistry
5 ETEC-101 Digital Electronics
6 ETCS-101* Programming in C
7 ETCS-102 Discrete Mathematical Structures
8 ETCS-103  Data Structures and Algorithms
9 ETCS-104 Database Concepts/ Databases for Cloud
10 ETCS-105 Object oriented programming in c++
11 ETCS-106 Operating System
12 ETCS-107 User Interfaces
13 ETCS-108* System Analysis and Design
14 ETCS-109 Statistics and Probability
15 ETEC-159* Evolution of Technology
16 ETCS-201* Computer Graphics
17 ETCS-202  Computer Networks
18 ETCS-203 Automata and Complexity Theory
19 ETCS-204  Java  Programming
20 ETCS-205 Computer Organization and Architecture
21 ETCS-206 Design and Analysis of Algorithm
22 ETCS-207 Software Engineering
23 ETCS-208 Artificial Intelligence
24 ETCS-209 Compiler Design
25 ETCS-210  Web Technologies
26 ETCS-211 System Programming
27 ETCS-212 Open Source System
28 ETCS-213 Cloud Computing Applications using Python
29 ETCS-214 Cloud Computing Applications using PHP
30 ETEC-103 Communication System
31 ETEC-204 Microprocessor &  Application
32 ETEC 205 Digital System Design
33 ETCS-301 Cloud Computing Concepts
34 ETCS-302 Cloud Computing Applications
35 ETCS-303 Mobile Cloud Computing with Android
36 ETCS-304 Information Retrieval system
37 ETCS-305  Big data Analysis and design
38 ETCS-306 Open Stack Cloud Architecture and Deployment
39 ETCS-307 Cloud Computing Security
40 ETCS-308 Programming in Ruby
41 ETCS-344 Object Oriented Technologies
42 ETCS-345  Data Mining
43 ETCS-346 Data Analysis with R
44 ETCS-347 High Performance Computing
45 ETCS-348 High Performance Computer Architecture
46 ETEC-351 Introducion to Internet of Things
47 ETCS-351 Software Testing
48 ETCS-352 Agile Computing
49 ETCS-353 Software Project Management
50 ETCS-480 Summer Industrial Training -1. six weeks duration  after 4th Semester
51 ETCS-481 Summer Industrial Training -2  six weeks duration after 6th semester
52 ETCS-482 Industrial Project ( Full 8th Semester)

Training & Placements

Faculty Profile

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