Passion is the key to gaining success and pleasure in life, no matter what you do. There are those who have attained quality education and earning a lavish living in the world, yet are unhappy. You may set objectives for yourself and fulfil them, yet you still feel unfulfilled. When someone feels this way, it's because they haven't discovered and pursued their passion. Unfortunately, many people are discouraged from pursuing their dreams because they are given a negative perspective about it. While it is crucial to take care of yourself and your family, you should not let what others say prevent you from following your passion and obtaining contentment.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has led the way in developing new innovative methods and tools. These enable manufacturing industry to develop and implement sustainable business models that consider economic, social and environmental values.

Oil prices fell in Asia Tuesday after a senior Saudi official signalled that the world's top crude exporter has no intention of cutting production despite a global supply glut, analysts said.

If you want to make your business meetings more productive and engaging for all those involved, possibly the best move that you can make is to remove all the chairs from the room. A recent study from Washington University in St. Louis suggests standing when conducting meetings provides for more engagement, collaboration and creativity than than the standard meeting where everybody sits around an office table.

A great post about Talent Management from Steve Roesler on his blog. 


If you want to be the person who offers real value in a Talent Management discussion, then be the person who demands the truth about performance.

Organizations are all about power and equilibrium. Over time, "conventional wisdom"  creates the list of high potential candidates.