Machine Learning theory is a discipline that combines statistical, probabilistic, computer science, and algorithmic elements of learning from data repeatedly and discovering encrypted information that may be utilised to construct advanced technologies. Despite the enormous potential of Machine and Deep Learning, a thorough mathematical comprehension of many of these approaches is required for a clear understanding of the internal dynamics of the strategies and for producing effective outcomes.

Big Data Offers Exciting Career Opportunities

The term Big Data refers to the collection of discrete data sets or a large amount of the data that encompasses the technologies, software, hardware and analytical capabilities for making predictions about the collection and use of data. It has great potential to influence our work culture, business processes/ practices and business strategies. Apeejay Stya university for b tech in computer science is an ideal choice for candidates aspiring to be Big Data analysts. Big Data is one of the most emerging technologies. It grows continuously as easy availability internet, cloud computing environment and machine language. A brief historical overview of big data innovation is:


Cloud computing is an on-demand range of services like servers, networks, database, data storage, application software and services over the internet and also on-demand resource pooling over the cloud. On-demand is a key feature of the cloud computing. As a matter of fact, many universities are offering B.Tech cse cloud computing courses to create a strong foundation. The term “cse engineering university” might be a household name since eons but the primary reason behind this is, to prepare students from tip to toe in their respective fields rigorously.

An interesting article on how BJP and Congress used social media during their election. Technology changed how the recent Indian election campaigns were conducted - showing how mainstream it has become even for managing campaigns in rural areas. 

Wonderful to see our country finally becoming a go to destination for the launch of satellites.