Clinical trials are research studies through which researchers can evaluate the treatment or drug by performing on people. Clinical trials are also used to understand whether the new treatment or drug is more effective or not and has fewer side effects. There are several clinical research institutes in Gurgaon that offer the clinical research community with top-notch training, collaboration, and assistance. Courses like diploma in clinical research and msc in clinical research are stepping stones for interested candidates who desire to conduct clinical trials in future and serve mankind.

The current pandemic which has shattered the world in an unprecedented way and redirected the course of our lives has also reoriented our priorities. The topmost searched or trending word of the year 2020-21 on google was ‘coronavirus’. People of all walks of life were curious to know about the COVID-19: aetiology (cause), management, prevention, and therapeutics. Interestingly, family discussions on the dinner table too involved drug and vaccine development. Notably, it has also brought back the focus of the world on biology/biotechnology.

Forbes tries to answer the question in depth of what will happen when biotech drugs start to become generic: 

In a few years, the first blockbusters of the biotech age will begin to face generic competition. Big drugs like Amgen's AMGN +2.54% Epogen and Neulasta, Roche and Biogen Idec's BIIB +2.4% Rituxan, and Erbitux, from Eli Lilly and Bristol-Myers Squibb BMY -0.1%, could eventually face cheaper competitors. But they won’t be exact substitutions, because these drugs will be so much harder to make. Most will not be true generics but biosimilars — products with a similar profile that are still seen as slightly different from the original.

Good news for Biotechnology research. The government finally is getting serious about research in the field by putting in money. As UGC recognized university ASU supports the social mission of using Biotechnology to transform India. 

Researchers have identified a gene which is required for the proper development of a healthy cerebellum, a master control centre in the brain for balance, fine motor control and complex physical movements.

Researchers have found that a specific gene, called Snf2h, plays an important role in the development of the cerebellum.