Three decades back when I plunged into industry as a new design graduate with creative confidence and dreams quite high, I had limited realization of the way world looked at design compare to the way we were taught at NID, my Alma mater. As young designer riding high on empathy, it was dreadful experience to have people reach out to you for only window dressing or beautification of a product.

Then, I had very little idea that someday design would become an integral tool to business solutions. As a designer riding high on empathy you always want to see the world a beautiful and better place to be. Design is not only about aesthetics, aesthetics alone do not make the world beautiful but design does.

In the prevalent times, students are not only seeking to gain global exposure but also want a taste of diverse cultures, languages, attitudes, ways of living and different approaches to learning across disciplines and life in general. The delivery of the same is promised by global exchange programmes by reputed universities nowadays. The programmes not only lead to the broadening of social horizons, inculcating a better tolerance power of other cultures; but also greatly enhance the learning process, lending it a holistic and quality approach.

Having transformed from being an ‘option for the fortunate’ to ‘a necessity for all students’, Liberal Arts Education presents itself as an approach to learning that aids in preparing individuals to deal with complexity, diversity and change. With subjects ranging from science to performing arts, Liberal Arts Education aims to deliver education in a holistic way, helping students to develop an attitude enriched with open mindedness and freshness of thought.

The OpenCourseWare (OCW) movement started in 1999 when the University of Tübingen, in Germany, published videos of lectures online. It only took off with the launch of the OCW at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in October 2002. The movement has now spread to over 120 other universities worldwide.

A University is not merely a place you apply to for attaining a degree of your choice but also offers an incredible campus life. It promises to be a very special time in one’s life, especially when the University is committed to aid students in developing critical thinking and communication skills, teamwork qualities, community service and independent learning. An ideal campus life exudes vibrancy and a great sense of oneness, thanks to the unique confluence of students from varied backgrounds, nationalities and states, all of which lead to a diverse setting where one can venture out and explore new avenues.