“A tree is known by the fruit it bears. The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is well-known for producing the best brains in the pharma industry. Every year our students are doing well in various entrance exams such as GPAT and NIPER JEE. They’re our torchbearers.” - Dr. Anupama Diwan, Dean at School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Three students of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS), Apeejay Stya University have cracked the prestigious National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Joint Entrance Exam (NIPER JEE) 2021. The computer-based exam is held every year for admissions in postgraduate courses in M.Pharm, MTech (Pharm), MBA (Pharm) and PhD in pharmacy. Devangi Sharma secured All India Rank 108 while Bipasha Hati and Kapil Bhardwaj secured All India Rank 580 and 2000 respectively. The trio from the 2017-21 batch, shares tips and tricks to ace the entrance exam.

Apeejay Stya University sets the pace for innovative education, leveraging technology to empower educators and students alike


The advent of technology in education has revolutionized the way we teach and learn. By transcending the traditional brick-and-mortar system, modern education embraces student-centric and outcome-based approaches. At Apeejay Stya University (ASU), the role of educators has evolved from mere instructors to mentors, fostering intense research and fruitful industry-academia collaboration.

In the healthcare industry, both Pharmacy and MBBS professions play vital roles in patient care. Choosing between a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) and a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree depends on an individual's interests, skills, and career goals. Let's explore some factors that can help you make an informed decision:

“Matru Devo Bhava! Pitru Devo Bhava! Acharya Devo Bhava!” -Taittiriya Upanishad

Indian culture acknowledges the importance and status of a teacher i.e., Guru and parents and puts them on the same pedestal. The importance and recognition given to a Guru are sometimes even more than that of the parents, according to the various instances from manuscripts and Holy Scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Religious scriptures depict a way of life which is relevant up to this date.

Machine Learning theory is a discipline that combines statistical, probabilistic, computer science, and algorithmic elements of learning from data repeatedly and discovering encrypted information that may be utilised to construct advanced technologies. Despite the enormous potential of Machine and Deep Learning, a thorough mathematical comprehension of many of these approaches is required for a clear understanding of the internal dynamics of the strategies and for producing effective outcomes.