The Apeejay Stya University is a non-profit research based interdisciplinary university. With its pillars of technology, research and liberal arts, it provides an education focusing on creating leaders for today and tomorrow.
Through your time and effort, you can contribute to an innovative and ambitious institution that is committed to man-making and nation-building. Some such opportunities include:

Fellowship Opportunities

Apeejay Stya University continually offers fellowships for six months to two years in a variety of fields. Fellowships are usually constructed with stipends, minimal and flexible teaching loads, and freedom of research. For updates and to how to apply Click here (The brochure, of course, will not have these Click here references)

Workshops/Guest Lectures

Everyone has a skill and a degree of experience that they can contribute. At ASU we encourage regular workshops and lectures on a variety of subjects. We would be grateful if you could donate your time to interact with our students. Please use the form on our website to indicate your interests and the mode of your contribution.


At ASU we strive to provide education to students from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to be able to provide need-based financial aid to every student who applies. We cannot do this without your help. All your contributions would go to a separate financial aid fund, both for one time and endowment contributions, and we shall share with you complete details of the students who leverage your contribution towards their academic pursuits.

Faculty Sponsorships

Knowledge knows no disciplinary boundaries and ASU strives to be a center of research and knowledge for a wide range of subjects. Certain subjects, fields and degrees, although incredibly important and essential to the greater goal of education, are sometimes unsustainable due to societal biases. You can help expand the base of knowledge and research in the country by seeding a named faculty seat or fellowship that would be reserved for a faculty member in a field of your personal interest.

Since Apeejay Stya University follows a unique academic system whereby students are encouraged to explore areas outside their majors, any subject which develops curiosity, critical thinking and character are suitable. Even if the University does not award degrees in a particular discipline, your sponsored faculty could still teach courses to young minds in the area you consider important.


An essential element of creating a knowledge-based university is to have a large library. The ASU is in process of a major infrastructure upgrade for its library. You can contribute to this knowledge capacity building by donating books and journals in any field and subject. Books that are donated are clearly marked and recorded with donor’s name, and a careful balance is struck between wide availability and security.


ASU has a very close relationship with industry and it aims to impart knowledge and skills that are practical and relevant. The University has many students looking for opportunities to put their skills to practical use. Internships can be in diverse areas from services, government and nonprofit.

A dedication to transparency

ASU has transparency as part of its core philosophy. All contributions to ASU are well documented and tracked. As appropriate, proper reporting procedures are in place to ensure that you are always kept informed of how your contribution is affecting the growth of the institution and in knowledge creation.

For further information, you can email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.