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"The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is a two year professional teacher education program duly approved by National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE). Having passed this degree, the students are eligible to teach in middle and secondary schools (Class VI – XII)."

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Apeejay Stya University
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Career Options
  • Teacher in Upper Primary schools (Class VI – VIII), and in Secondary Schools (class IX– XII) in government and private sectors
  • Instructional designer in Publishing House
  • NGOs working in education sector
  • Entrepreneurship in education sector (establishing school, coaching institution)
  • Scope for further studies like M.Ed and MA (Education)
Faculty Profile

ASU has learned faculty, highly qualified with industrial experience. Read More...

Fee And Scholarships
Graduation Aggregate Net tuition fee per annum (post scholarship)
>50% or above Rs. 75000

Each undergraduate student is also required to pay Rs. 10000 per annum towards Development Fees, Rs. 2000 per annum towards Online Book Bank Fee and Rs. 200 per annum towards Group Insurance Accident Policy. In addition to the above, each undergraduate student is required to pay a one-time Security Fee of Rs. 5000 (refundable on completion of study) and Rs. 3000 (along with the First Semester Fees) towards basic Corporate Resource Center activities & Alumni Fund.

An additional scholarship is provided over and above the Foundation Years' Scholarship to the following:

  • Students/Alumni of Apeejay schools
  • Students from North-east states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim.
  • Defence personnel wards

For details, please call/email the ASU Admission counsellors

Semester Wise Syllabus
  • 1st Year
  • 2nd Year
Semester- I
Sr.No Course Name
1 Contemporary India and Education
2 Childhood & Growing Up
3 Understanding Disciplines and Subjects
4 Language Across the Curriculum
5 Reading and Relfecting on Texts
6 Critical Understanding of ICT
7 Liberal Arts – Elective
Semester- II
1 Learning & Teaching
2 Knowledge and Curriculum
3 Assessment for Learning
4 Pedagogy of School Subject 1
5 Pedagogy of School Subject 2
6 Drama and Arts in Education
Domain wise Credit Break up and Marks
1 Perspectives/Foundation
2 Curriculum & Pedagogy
3 Engagement with Field/Practicum
4 Knowledge/ Skill Domain
Semester- III
Sr.No Course Name
1 School Internship (Subject 1)
2 Schol Internship (Subject 2)
Semester- IV
1 Creating an Inclusive School
2 Gender, School and Society
3 Action Research
4 Understanding the Self
5 Health, Physical Education & Yoga
6 Service Learning
7 Liberal Arts – Elective
Pedagogy of School Subject: Elective Basket
1 Pedagogy of Hindi
2 Pedagogy English
3 Pedagogy Social Sciences
4 Pedagogy of Commerce
5 Pedagogy of Mathematics
6 Pedagogy of Sciences
7 Pedagogy of History
8 Pedagogy of Economics
9 Pedagogy of Life Sciences
10 Pedagogy of Physical Sciences
School Internship: Elective Basket
1 Teaching Internship in Hindi
2 Teaching Internship in English
3 Teaching Internship in Social Sciences
4 Teaching Internship in Commerce
5 Teaching Internship in Mathematics
6 Teaching Internship in Sciences
7 Teaching Internship in History
8 Teaching Internship in Economics
9 Teaching Internship in Life Sciences
10 Teaching Internship in Physical Sciences



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