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Expand the mind – Pursue a Liberal Arts Approach

Expand the mind – Pursue a Liberal Arts Approach

Do not get restricted by the boundaries of discipline. You are both free and encouraged to pursue knowledge according to the dictates of your own hearts and minds. Pursue broad, well-defined path to develop critical thinking, with Liberal Arts Approach implemented through a "Core" set of subjects. Access any course offered by the University at any stage.

Innovative ecosystem – Research forms the core across levels

Innovative ecosystem – Research forms the core across levels

Apeejay Stya University is a leading seat of innovation and research in applied Science and technology, including support for research in emerging technologies, biosciences, clinical research and electronics. It offers state-of-the-art research and technology incubation facilities for students and researchers. The University also has tie-ups with industry to encourage research that is applicable to real world situations.

Gain practical exposure – Leverage on the Industry Linkages

Gain practical exposure – Leverage on the Industry Linkages

An effective industry interface is a key differentiator for ASU. It has strong linkages with various industries and laboratories to facilitate research, project work and placements for students. Students and faculty are also exposed to various programmes organised by key industry associations like FICCI, PHDCC, AIMA, NHRDN and FMA, among others, which form a crucial part of our network.

Great Flexibility - Realign your academic goals

Great Flexibility - Realign your academic goals

ASU allows you to change your degree or major even in later semesters and re­apply credits already gained. With the flexible credit system, take between 12 and18 credits per semester with no restriction on taking different and more advanced classes, thereby, exercising the option of graduating at your own pace (early or late) by choosing your own customized path.


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Be a part of a thriving residential campus, where discussion and brainstorming are fundamental and learning knows no bounds



Follow an innovative academic system that encompasses the three inter-disciplinary pillars of Technology, Research and Liberal Arts

Campus Life

Campus Life

Campus life at Apeejay exudes a cultural vibrancy due to the unique confluence of students from diverse nationalities, states, and backgrounds



Be a part of the strong network of the Apeejay Alumni, placed in leading Indian business houses and MNCs at various senior levels

The Apeejay Advantage

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Student Speaks

  • "At ASU, we are trained to accept and meet challenges in the dynamic world scenario & mentored to realise our latent potential. It resulted in an enhanced graph of my over-all spiritual, personal and professional development in every segment of identified personality."
    Nidhi Verma,India
  • Ankit
    “One of the best aspects about ASU is the learning environment it provides to the young and inquisitive minds. I got placed in a reputed company through the campus drive organised by the CRC department at ASU. Thanks for all the guidance and support!”

    Ankit Kumar, India
  • Varchasa Shandilya
    “ASU provided me the ideal platform to grow and excel in life. I got placed in one of the top private sector banks of India. I feel lucky to be a part of such an encouraging environment.”

    Varchasa Shandilya, India
  • kapil
    "ASU has helped me to discover my true potential and has given me unique opportunities which have helped me to prepare for the various challenges of life."

    Kapil, India

  • Abhinav Graphic
    “ASU is one of the best institutions that I have studied in, especially because of its helpful faculty. Its CRC team has groomed us well to compete in the industry and the programmes at ASU left me with not only a tangible set of skills but also organisational and time management skills.”

    Abhinav Thapliyal, India
    M.Design (Graphic)
  • Surabhi btech
    "All of the teachers of ASU are very experienced and have very good understanding of what is required to stand out of crowd and make a niche for yourself and how to introduce every student to it. I thoroughly enjoyed my overall journey with them. CRC provides an excellent environment for overall students development. I want to thank all of you for everything you have done for me, because of which I stand at a respectable position as a PHP Developer in the company "CodeBibber " where i did my 6 months internship through CRC."

    Surabhi Chauhan, India
    (B.Tech Computer Science)

  • Eshita Tiwari
    "I come from the North-Eastern state of India, Manipur. But, I must say that I felt at home throughout my stay at ASU during my first year while doing MJMC with SJMC. I'm so pleased that they have arranged my internship in Imphal at my request as I must spend some time with my family."​​
    Worchui Mungvah, India
    (Master of Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • worchui-mungvah
    “I feel privileged to have pursued B.Tech at ASU. The curriculum offers organised course material with extensive lectures. Moodle offers online access to course lectures. The CRC facilitated excellent opportunities for placement & internship in reputed organisations.”​
    Sidharth Mehta, India
    (B.Tech-Computer Science)
  • worchui-mungvah
    "I come from the North-Eastern state of India, Manipur. But, I must say that I felt at home throughout my stay at ASU during my first year while doing MJMC with SJMC. I'm so pleased that they have arranged my internship in Imphal at my request as I must spend some time with my family."​
    Worchui Mungvah, India
    (Master of Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • vinayak_shah
    "What a learning curve for me this year! I came from my home town, Nainital in Uttarakhand, to join SJMC in Gurgaon. Now, I'm excited to start my internship with the All India Radio in Mumbai. Thanks, SJMC."

    Vinayak Shah, India
    (Master of Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • namit_joshi
    "At the SJMC, ASU, we have our own newspaper, ASU Express; a dedicated TV studio; an online radio station, Styavani; a TV Channel on YouTube and a very strong presence on Facebook & Twitter. This is how we learn our basics in journalism and mass communication."
    Namit Joshi, India
    (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • "I am a student who is interested in taking up a variety of university courses across different domains and therefore, ASU's liberal arts approach is an ideal fit for me."

    Regesh Gurung, Bhutan
  • "The University is the first liberal arts & meta university of India. It has a healthy & friendly environment for the holistic development of an individual."

    Shibaji Biswas, Bangladesh
  • "The University is committed to freedom of speech & promoting talent, great college, phenomenal teachers & state-of-the-art labs."

    Chetan Anand Thakur, Nepal
  • "I am overwhelmed to be a part of this university. I like the inter-disciplinary approach of the university which gives me a chance to explore through a variety of options."

    Ananya Saha, Bangladesh
  • "I am very happy to be a part of this university. I am experimenting with my choices & have opted for some liberal arts subjects which fascinate me. I am going to make my parents proud by pursuing my degree.”

    Kona Biswas, Bangladesh
  • "Wow! This is a true tradition whereby you can learn through experimentation. I feel content every single minute that I have learned something & my hard work is not going to go in vain."

    Kinley Nima, Bhutan
  • "One of the best things in ASU that I liked is the liberal arts approach. It allows me to choose different sub courses apart from my own main courses, thus enhancing my skill not only in the field I choose but in various other fields as well."

    Himal Chhetri, Bhutan
    (B.Tech-Civil Engineering)
  • Madhavan
    “I chose ASU because I wanted to choose what I want to do and how I want to do, because in the real world, there is no space for herds of sheep but for unique people who are all-rounders.”

    Madhavan, India
  • Rohan Thapar
    “My University has taught me the ‘out-of-box’ thought process and has helped me to outperform other engineers with the Liberal Arts Approach. The hostels are pretty decent, have a serene, ‘close to nature’ environment and a plethora of facilities including 24*7 WiFi facility, gymnasium, library, etc.”
    Rohan Thapar, India
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university bottomIndia's 1st Industry-Centric Liberal Arts University focused on Research and Technology Innovation.